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Comment Re:"Truthers" don't believe in *air* (Score 2) 309 309

I've seen this BS repeated over and over and over again, it's simply remarkable to me how stubborn people are to cling to a childish paranoia.

The argument that jet fuel can not burn hot enough to melt the steel is flawed. Because the steel didn't NEED to melt; it just needed to become malleable enough for it and the connecting structure around it to fail. What the crazies always ignore is the fact that those load-bearing steel beams WERE UNDER LOAD.

Also, arguing that jet fuel burning can only reach just so high a temperature, that's equally bullshit. I can make kerosene, almost anything, burn much hotter than it's combustion temperature just by blowing a little bit of air on it. In this case, a very light breeze at that height can suffice to bring the burning temperature up a few hundred degrees. Not rocket science. In metallurgy they've been doing this for literally centuries now.

Nobody cut corners; the building was a technological marvel, and is still considered remarkable.

It's unrealistic and betrays a lack of understanding of basic physics and economics to expect any commercial or residential structure to be entirely impervious to a jet filled with fuel traveling at a high speed.

Comment Re:I've driven behind one of these cars (Score 1) 549 549

Yeah, I don't believe that, and the vids I've seen do not support that statement.

What I do see very day are distracted drivers that should be permanently banned from driving because they are a menace to everyone on the road.

Far, far too many drivers in the USA seem to feel they have some sort of right to do whatever they want to on public roads, as if they were the only ones on them. For those people, I would like to see them forced out of the drivers seat entirely and permanently.

There's no excuse for rear-ending somebody, it always means you were following too damn close. The USA has a horrible culture of rampant recklessness when it comes to our public roads. I'd really like to see that come to an end. Freedom shouldn't mean you're free to destroy other people's lives, distracted drivers need to be held accountable.

Comment Yeah, this is a deal-breaker... (Score 1) 627 627

So much so that if it's not addressed properly, I will be replacing ALL my client's OS's with non-MS products.

I'm certain I can figure out a way to manually prevent this through the registry, but the fact that MS would do this is what I would consider the thin red line that they shouldn't have crossed.

Comment Her goal is to prevent people from being able to (Score 1) 432 432

choose what they want to do; to force us all to have to turn to the government for every option, and to only have government approved options.

I see zero innovation from taking this stand, and I do not for a moment believe her goal is to protect the public.

She wants more of us registered in insecure government databases, that when they get hacked they will never take any responsibility for. They want to be able to find new innovative ways to tax us all, and give us nothing in return but propaganda an platitudes.

Hillary isn't just for big government and big, old, outdated corporations. Oh wait. Yeah, that's exactly what she's for.

The United States is about choosing one of two fake "choices", and it's tired, and it's defenders are idiots.

Comment Comparing a tiny country like Estonia (Score 1) 654 654

To a sprawling, massive country, like the USA is what would be known as fallacious.

But let's play. Take the figures for Estonia; the total miles of tracks, total population, total number of cars and the total cost for building it - scale it all to the physical size and population of the USA.

Then it becomes markedly clear why public transit in the USA is in general incomparable to comparatively physically tiny nations and entirely unworkable.

Comment Re:It's Not Always "Lying" (Score 1) 339 339

The article is actually very good, it's the bulk of comments about the nature of lying and the lack of ability of most people commenting to fully understand the article that's the problem.

Geeks just need to take more philosophy and psychology classes. They aren't as great at thinking rationally and creatively as they believe they are.

Comment Re: Like the nazi used to say (Score 1) 431 431

Actually, a couple old thermometers contain enough mercury to be a significant issue in an enclosed and often populated place, like a classroom, especially if the mercury is dispersed and held in a medium like carpet, when it can continuously gass-out.

I think you're ignorance and dismissal is the real issue here. Mercury CAN be safely handled. Just not by someone that's full-on retard, like you.

Comment Re:Next year's budget for Hapeville: no bomb squad (Score 1) 431 431

Well, that's the goal, that's exactly how things work in the USA now.

Why do you think we have more people in prions and jails than ANY other nation (except Seychelles) ?

Our police are not held accountable, are militarized, and our entire legal system permitted it to happen. It's NOT going to get better, it WILL get much, much worse.

People get what they deserve, and if your local community and government is not held accountable, who's fault is that ?

Comment Re:Power purchase preference or hard limit? (Score 1) 80 80

You might be more impressed, but it would be stupid and not beneficial to anybody.

Being part of the grid means renewables can assist in reducing local peak power demand when there is excess power generated by renewables, thus stabilizing the grid.

The obsession some people have with "off-grid" implementations is unreasonable and deleterious economically and environmentally. The end goal should never be to be off-grid; it should be to make the entire grid renewable.

Comment You have NOT addressed the SWATting problem at all (Score 1) 202 202

The militarization of the police force, and the incompetent rolling out of all that gear and personnel without any kind of rational checks and balances/verification is not a trivial or acceptable situation.

Frankly, I'd like to see WAY more people SWATted, until there's finally some fucking accountability. Every politician should be SWATted, for starters. Maybe SWATting the corporate masters would be even more effective.

And then there's the issue of SWAT existing primarily as a means by which to steal from the public and enforce the insane drug laws and continue to prop-up the failed War on Drugs.

Treating SWAT like it's even remotely acceptable in the first place IS the problem. Not the imaginary abuse of what is already abusive by it's very nature.

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