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Comment: Do not be hypocritical (Score 1) 667 667

If you are going to outlaw homeopathy because it's little more than a placebo, you need to also pull all the drugs from the market that are also little more than placebos, which includes many antidepressants.

If homeopathy has failed at anything, it's at properly advertising and usurping and corrupting scientific method, like the pharmaceutical industry with the help of the more unscrupulous members of the medical community has been so very successful at for decades.

Comment: Nonsensical political garbage (Score 1) 294 294

" depending on the vertebrate taxon, between 800 and 10,000 years to disappear. These estimates reveal an exceptionally rapid loss of biodiversity over the last few centuries, indicating that a sixth mass extinction is already under way."

yea, that 10,000 year range sure leads a lot of credibility to their argument.

This is not research in any meaningful way. this is politics.

Comment: I'm glad, and I'll tell you why... (Score 1) 614 614

Most techs I know are just plain stupid when it comes to long term planning and understanding the consequences of their actions.

So many time I've encountered on the job management demanding work and the learning of skills from techs to do shit they simply were not hired for, as if it's an expectation of us, because, well, we're the tech guys.

And while this is absolutely true, there are very few shills I can not pick up either on my own or by taking a few classes or reading a few manuals. the issue is COMPENSATION for all that.

Management simply does not compensate you for the skills you pick up to do the jobs you were not hired for, and that's how management LIKES it. Techs are stupid. They'll let their personal pride trump the simple economics EVERY TIME.

Frankly, most of you assholes DESERVE to loose your jobs, your houses, your retirements. You fucked us ALL over by being such tools and being the first to turn on other techs when what you SHOULD have been doing is organizing.

So suck it up, you helped create this mess, and clearly you STILL have zero integrity, you still don't see what created the HB-1 problem. You did it to yourselves by being such tools.

Comment: Re:Do you want a diversity hire? (Score 1) 287 287

"Corporations market things all the time, but if people don't want it, the products and/or companies are ultimately unsuccessful. The conspiracy -- and that's what it is -- that people are purely told what to want disregards all of the massive market failures for every one success."

Yeah, only an idiot just tosses around the word "conspiracy" to support their bullshit assertions.

Look, if you are entirely unaware of the nature and history of marketing and advertising, and stubbornly refuse to be bothered, that's on you, and you should rightly be called out for being an idiot.

Comment: Re:Do you want a diversity hire? (Score 1) 287 287

"Because, historically, creating products and trying to convince people that they need it when they don't is a good way to fail. Check out Shark Tank and see how many billionaires are *really* trying that approach. The answer is zero."

Your profound lack of knowledge of advertising and history is pretty amusing. Corporations market shit people don't need all the time, consent is manufactured, advertising exists not to educate or inform so much as to deceive and manipulate. You didn't know this ? Really ? What are you, 12 years old ?

And referencing a (particularly shitty) reality tv show to support a flawed assertion is laughable.

Comment: Re:Good ruling (Score 1) 144 144

It's more than a problem, it's arguably a conspiracy of a sort that goes on every day in the USA.

None of those officers and none of the people working for the DA should be permitted employment int he public sector again - at the very least. Arguably dozens of people should be in prison. But that NEVER happens.

Because the DA and the police are a criminal class.

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