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Comment Re:I approve, sorta (Score 1) 1291

What irritates me about you so-called "Libertarians" is that you'll call it "wealth distribution" when the government does it for the people, yet call it "free market" when the corporations, armed with the force and violence of the government behind them, essentially steal taxpayer funding via their special interest groups and government employee payoffs and other such unscrupulous and rampant corruption.

It's why, when I meet someone that's say in their 20's, proclamations of their libertarianism I just chalk-up to youthful ignorance. But when someone in their 40's up claims their a libertarian, that's a real red-flag.

Libertarians : supporting the only bigger crooks than the ones in government.

Comment "Educators" called the cops on him. (Score 1) 956

Most people can not deal with reality as it is, and reside in their little delusions inside their own head.
The USA you thought you knew is not merely long gone - it never existed.
The ignorant, the fearful, the superstitious - they run the show. And Gawd help you if you encounter their fear and deceit and wrath.

Comment The Hugos, Sucking Since 1971 (Score 1) 1044

When Paul Kantner's Blows Against The Empire was the first rock album to ever be nominated for a Hugo Award, in the category of Best Dramatic Presentation.

In voting, the album garnered the second most votes for the award, losing to "No Award", which received the most votes.

Because you can't have dirty hippies winning anything.

Fuck the Hugos.

"What the scientists have in their briefcases is terrifying." -- Nikita Khrushchev