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Comment: Re:The real crime here (Score 1) 457

by ToddInSF (#47738085) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater
Everything being "free" is not the issue at all, you obviously have not been paying attention.

People actually paid money for a hard copy cam-recorded version of the flick. That really surprises me, and it should cause the movie industry to question some very basic assumptions people make.

The film industry no long has the option of being able to control and restrict access to it's products; at one time they could create a product and say this is what it costs, in this/these forms, and if you want it you have to go here or here to get it in only this/these forms for this price.

But people don't care if the flick is in ultra high res on DVD or IMAX, they just want to watch it at their own leisure on their PC monitor or whatever, they don't even care if the quality of it is really great, and when it comes down to paying what the industry demands for it in just the form they've made available, or simply watching a less high quality version of it for a reduced price or for free, it is obvious what people are going to do.

The obvious solution would be for the industry to grow up and spend less money on attorneys, and more effort on making their product available in all the forms potential customers want it in for a reasonable price for those forms.

I've yet to see any proof the music or film industries have lost a dime from the enormous amount of free PR their products get. Quite the contrary. Given this, THAT is why people here find the prosecution of people and the long prison sentences outright ineffectual and offensive. Because it serves no purpose. You are not deterring anybody; the imprisonment of people is just costing us all a fortune. Which would be OK if it made any discernible difference in pirating materials - which it does not.

In essence, the state is being used to persecute the public and to steal FROM the public in order to permit industries to continue to fail to produce and distribute the products they have efficiently in the forms that people want.

So you just keep missing the point yourself and keep clinging to the idea that this is a simple matter of criminal activity for profit. You're a sucker for sticking-up for a system set-up to put people in prison for years and paying for their imprisonment just to make some scumbag lawyers rich.

Comment: So, skillful observation of behaviour is (Score 1) 200

by ToddInSF (#47685737) Attached to: Involuntary Eye Movement May Provide Definitive Diagnosis of ADHD
more accurate than simply dumping the drug Du jour into people ?

There are researchers that have observed eye movement information since the 60's; the fact that the work of people like Silvan S. Tomkins is ignored and instead we use drugs to treat and diagnoses to support a massive and ineffective drug economy is what's (very old) news.

People don't need to be constantly drugged, they need social interaction that facilitates their own innate abilities to adapt and heal.

Comment: Given the complexity of the project (Score 1) 194

by ToddInSF (#47685703) Attached to: The Billion-Dollar Website
...and I don't just mean the technical aspects, what I'm talking about is how the technical information to make the project work being spread across multiple organizations that do not necessarily share information much less have systems and methods in place for inter-agency cooperation. You can't come up with an adequate analogy between this project and any others, because there haven't been any similarly complex projects.

Yes, it feels good to bitch about how incompetent "the government" is, but THAT dialogue is always about a political agenda, and not a factually descriptive language.

When you rush a project and dump money into it your results are as expected. No political agenda and deceptions necessary.

Comment: If people did not get some emotional high (Score 1) 457

by ToddInSF (#47685585) Attached to: Web Trolls Winning As Incivility Increases
from responding to trolls and incitement, this would be a non-issue.

A really shitty book by a really shitty psychologist that can not even manage to ask an intelligent question or provide any insight is not really news. It's just business as usual.

Why do people get suckered into having meaningless non-discussion with strangers high on outrage is a far more fascinating question.

Trolls have zero impact on people that just don't care what some anonymous stranger has to say about anything. In the real world, the context of who is saying what is as significant as what is being said.

The internet is an enormous septic tank of nonsensical emoting and projection of the contents of the collective psyche. It is not the trolls that make it un-pretty. It's what humans are that makes it un-pretty and a potentially dysfunctional waste of time and effort.

Comment: What would be just hilarious to me would be (Score 1) 204

by ToddInSF (#47624235) Attached to: Edward Snowden Is Not Alone: US Gov't Seeks Another Leaker
if Snowden actually was the leaker, and had managed remote access to supposedly secure databases and facilities.

I also wonder if this entire thing is a contrivance to distract people from the fact that the government is who is doing the significant illegal activities.

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