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Comment Re:Surely You're Joking (Score 1) 337

When one considers how hobbled teachers are it's a wonder there are any good teachers int he public education system at all.

I'd have to say in all honestly, when I went to HS back in the 80's, public education was a farce, and all but maybe 3 or 4 of my teachers were grossly incompetent and useless. And THAT public HS was one of the top rated ones in the country. It really wasn't until University that I encountered educators that were actually capable of doing their job.

Comment Re:Comment on comments (Score 1) 399

It's actually much worse than that. The lumping together so-called "non-consensual touching" with sexual assault is a base and crass manipulation that nobody should be falling for. The authors of this so-called study need to be scrutinized and exposed; they should be roundly censured and openly mocked. I can't believe anybody is even responding to this as if it is legitimate in ANY way without first pointing out what a fallacy and gimmick this article is.

If this has convinced me of anything, it's that there IS NOT any significant problem with sexual assault on campuses, and that the issue has been hijacked by liars and fraud, and that women are not deserving or in any need of any further protections.

I'm just wondering how fucking stupid slashdotters have become, falling for a shitty piece of garbage like this article.

Comment What he said is true... (Score 1) 518

But Americans don't want that, they want to be lied to. They don't want to hear that we created ISIS, or that the USA is detested because we've meddled in their regional affairs and killed people's kids. Or that the USA supports murderous regimes and horrific Islamic violence in countries like Saudi Arabia. Nope, everybody is too busy covering their ears shouting USA USA USA.

Comment Re:What are they thinking? (Score 1) 728

They believe they are the chosen people, like the Jews do. They intend to bring about Armageddon, like the Christians do. They believe they'll take back Israel, like the Jews have. They believe Jesus will then come back, like the Christians do. They will then install their own caliphate. It's not that difficult to understand, and the only people making it out to be inconceivable are other religious liars who share the same goals and intentions. Also, we helped put them in power, so pretty much all the bullshit from the right here is just more of the same arms industry profiteering that's made this country loathed and detested around the world. The United States is an embarrassment of epic proportions. We have plenty of Christians here that hold similar psychotic beliefs. We have GOP candidates that attend religious conferences hosted by religious leaders who call for the execution of gay people. The rampant lying and hypocrisy is only surpassed by the profiteering.

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