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Comment The Hugos, Sucking Since 1971 (Score 1) 1037

When Paul Kantner's Blows Against The Empire was the first rock album to ever be nominated for a Hugo Award, in the category of Best Dramatic Presentation.

In voting, the album garnered the second most votes for the award, losing to "No Award", which received the most votes.

Because you can't have dirty hippies winning anything.

Fuck the Hugos.

Comment I don't get why people are so resistant to (Score 1) 118

admitting the obvious.

"Science" is not the high ideal people here tend to believe it is, the bulk of published stuff is garbage, scientists lie all the time, and most so-called "research" is never verified much less challenged.

Stop worshiping and start using your ability to think critically for a change.

Comment This is a distraction prosecutors employ (Score 1) 392

Because about half of all homicides go unsolved.

Law enforcement wastes massive amounts of money on their own internal graft and corruption, and in the USA they waste massive amounts of money and resources prosecuting poor people disproportionately, because in the USA the value of the poor is measured by law enforcement and public policy by how much money can be secured by imprisoning the poor.

Anything to distract from the sheer incompetency and ineffectiveness of law enforcement, and to sustain the illusion that cops really give a shit about you.

Keep giving law enforcement a back door, and you better get used to bending over.

Comment As usual a few people take it upon themselves (Score 1) 410

To attack people they disagree with, and do it in a dishonest and cowardly manner.

Yes, the internet is like a HS popularity contest. It's ugly, it's deceitful, it's false, and you're a fool for valuing it at all.

Social media exists primarily to make people who are essentially worthless do-nothing pieces of shit feel good about being worthless do-nothing pieces of shit.

Lowest common denominator always wins. Look at the recent GOP "debate" if you doubt it.

Comment Re:What's the deal? (Score 1) 528

If a drone comes into my yard, I will shoot it.

Not out of fear, out of annoyance. I''m not afraid of it, I'm annoyed some asshat believes he has a right to fly his stupid toy into my yard.

The broad brush idiots like you paint everyone that owns firearms with just makes you look like the fuckheads you are.

"Life begins when you can spend your spare time programming instead of watching television." -- Cal Keegan