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Comment This is why you should be active (Score 1) 391

in your local and state politics.

It's not my job to decide what is and is not child pornography. It's not my job to make ANY determination about the content clients have.

Cute pictures of a clients own young children that were once considered normal are now considered pornographic. Cartoons can even be considered "child pornography". Back when people actually took film to get it developed people were arrested for art deemed "pornographic". Legislators and politicians that seek to make me complicit in their crimes do not have my respect or support. They are the enemy.

Journalists once scrutinized unpopular issues, but not so much any longer. Yea, child pornography exists, but it's not something I want anything to do with, no matter how much you might try and force me to. I'm all for people who hurt and exploit ids being prosecuted. I'm also all for Prosecutors and cops and DA's that railroad people who have done nothing wrong and using them to further their own careers being permanently barred from public service after being prosecuted and imprisoned for abusing their power and authority. We let too many crooks and liars have too much control int his country.

Comment Re:Trump would 'convince' not 'force' Apple (Score 1) 875

"Each employee was given a biscuit and a cup of tea"

You can see how industrialists deeply admire corporate dorms and the ability to just tell a docile workforce what to do.

Apple as able to create a product and maintain dominance in an industry this way. You gotta admire how business savvy they are.

When you're all working for and living in Trump corporate dorms you'll be useful tools for rich, exploitative cunts, too.

Comment Re:Unconstitutional (Score 1) 545

Actually you cherry pick when you claim the Constitution doesn't allow the fed to pass laws that impact the states; any treaty we make impacts the states for example.

Also, this issue wouldn't be news if "the states" didn't have an ugly tendency to just take people's kids away from them without any kind of reasonable safeguards in place and proper recourse.

If states don't want congress to constantly respond to issues by passing federal laws, then maybe states should step-up and start dealing with their own LOCAL corruption and LOCAL incompetence. In just about every supreme court case involving states crying that they are being usurped, the local governments failed the people.

And it's not "overstepping". You elect reps that pass federal laws, and you have recourse to the Supreme court. The constant idiotic misrepresentation of states having some sort of limitless right to do anything they want to do is an idiotic purely partisan hack thing that's never been based on reality.

Comment Re:They mostly take cars and jewelry (Score 1) 148

I see nobody responded to this post, maybe if you weren't AC people would read it. It's important, so I took the liberty of reposting it, in that hope that people will pull their heads out of their asses and at some point admit that the police and their supporters are a criminal class.

"Just out of interest, what other scenario can you think of that is reasonable?"

Not being poor?

But civil asset forfeiture is usually used against stuff not money: The District of Columbia state prosecutor took them to court and recovered 375 cars that had been seized with no charges pressed against their owners. Gold jewelry, pearl necklaces, if its valuable its seized.

And the shakedown aspect is also clear:

"When Jennifer Boatright and Ron Henderson complained to the county in the hope of retrieving their savings, they got another surprise. Lynda Russell, the district attorney, told them she had warned âoerepeatedlyâ that they did not have to sign the waiver, but, if they continued to contest it, they could be indicted on felony charges. âoeI will contact you and give you an opportunity to turn yourself in without having an officer come to your door,â she wrote in a letter mentioning the prospect of a grand jury. Once again, their custody of the kids was threatened. Boatright and Henderson decided to fight anyway."

So give us your stuff or we try to take your kids from you.

"In August, 2007, Tenaha police pulled Morrow over for âoedriving too close to the white line,â and took thirty-nine hundred dollars from him. Morrow told Guillory that he was on his way to get dental work done at a Houston mall. (The arresting officers said that his âoestories of travelâ were inconsistent, as was his account of how much money he had; they also said they detected the âoeodor of burned marijuana,â although no contraband was found in the car.) Morrow, who is black, was taken to jail, where he pleaded with authorities to call his bank to see proof of his recent cash withdrawal. They declined." âoeThey impounded my car, and they impounded me, too,â Morrow told me, recalling the night he spent in jail. When he finally agreed to sign away his property, he was released on the side of the road with no money, no vehicle, and no phone. "


Comment Re:Nothing to do with American Tech Industry (Score 2) 460

Why do you put citizen in quotes ?

The word "Tyrannical" does not mean what you think it does.

Your right to exploit people starts and ends with what the government will permit you to get away with. A lot of people in the US get REALLY angry when their ability to take advantage of people is hindered. You're just going to have to get over that, as people decide to make government work for them, instead of your greedy and exploitative cronies.

Comment The criminal police unions want (Score 1) 202

to make it so that cops get to write their reports AFTER viewing the cam footage. This is unacceptable, and indicative of the rampant police corruption in the USA.

Cams are not a cure-all, not even close. Cops will just turn them off or block them as needed; they are currently using them as an excuse to collect outrageous amounts of funds from poor people by using the excuse that they "no longer have discretion".

There is a war going on in this country, and the local PD's are part of that war on the poor. The problem is systemic and involves the DA's and prosecutors and dirty judges, and people that profit from the prison system itself.

The USA has a greater percentage of it's population in jails and prisons than ANY other nation; we are the harassment of the world. And none of us are any safer as a result.

Comment This is a shit article. (Score 1) 31

What's happened in ND is the drone companies have lobbied to pass laws to give law enforcement there the authority to use drones as weapons against the citizens there. Since there are so few people in ND and since the politicians there are so incompetent and corrupt, they just let industry and the cops do whatever they want. It's idiotic. And unconstitutional.

Comment Re:75% of intelligence is inherited (Score 1) 519

Meta studies have a notorious track record of being bullshit. I consider most meta-studies to be a shining example of how people take science and turn it into political bullshit, as well as treating science as if it were a religion. People WANT to believe the results of a meta-study, so they will insist the study is accurate and the conclusions true, when there is simply no way for them to actually PROVE it. Meta studies are the exact opposite of evidence-based science.

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