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Comment: Good for buyers, bad for sellers and stores (Score 2) 271

by Tobias Lobster (#37610450) Attached to: Sony Bringing PSN Pass To All First-Party Games

Looks like the people who lose out here will be either the stores (used games no longer sell for as much) or the people who sell their used games back to the stores. And seeing as the prices paid by stores for used games are already shockingly low, I doubt they could take another $10 off the offer price.

As a buyer, I should get the advantage of an extra $10 discount on the used game if I don't want multiplayer. And my choice is nice and easy - if the used game isn't at least $10 cheaper, I'm not buying it. Right now in the UK it's quite common for the used game to only be $3-$5 cheaper than new.

Comment: Re:Could be worse, it's only hardware (Score 1) 106

by Tobias Lobster (#33255800) Attached to: Vodafone Backs Down In Row With Android Users

I was all ready to get fired up with righteous indignation, but I just tried visiting B3ta from my Three UK mobile and there was no issue.

I'm on a standard contract, never had Xseries, not paying the extra fiver. Want to list a few more sites you're having trouble with? I'll test them out here, could help getting unblocked for free if other customers aren't having the issue.


+ - Another silly attempt to blame video games

Submitted by gurps_npc
gurps_npc (621217) writes "In this CNN story German researchers revealed that they did another correlation study and foolishlly claimed 'causation'. In this one, they found that surprise surprise, people that liked to drive recklessely in real life (more accidents, more speeding tickets) also enjoyed video games that simulated reckless driving.

Then they found that all people, after playing a few minutes of a reckless driving game, when they then 'drove' a computer simulation (i.e. another video game...) they 'drove' more recklessely, than if they had not played the car based video game.

How they can possibly think that a computer simulation is a. not just another video game, and b. sufficient 'evidence' that video games affects real life behavior, is beyond me."

+ - Store says DRM causes 3 of 4 support calls

Submitted by Carter
Carter (666) writes "Ars Technica reports that Musicload, one of Europe's largest movie stores, says that 75% of its customer support problems are caused by DRM. Users have frequent problems using the music that they have purchased, which has led Musicload to try selling independent label music with DRM. The results? Artists choosing to abandon DRM have seen 40% growth in sales. Good to see someone in the business both "gets it" and is willing to do something about it."

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