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Comment Re:No iPad for me (Score 1) 584

You clearly have not done a lot of tech support. The "average person" deserves treatment only slightly better than being beaten with rubber hoses.

On the other hand, the average tech support call is from somebody who calls tech support more often than the average person.

That doesn't discern between people who don't call tech support because they don't need it and those who do, but can't figure out how to do even that.

Comment Are the brakes totally drive-by-wire as well? (Score 1) 499

Pardon my laziness for not investigating this myself, but doesn't the Prius have a mechanical (hydraulic) link to the brakes that engages when the pedal is pushed down far enough? I realize that the first portion of the braking is done electronically (for the regenerative braking system), but in an emergency wouldn't a full application of the brakes slow down the vehicle?

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