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Comment: Re:a fucking waste (Score 1) 170 170

I don't have a ps4. So thanks for the assumptions. I was simply pointing out that others will have their vacations inadvertently affected due to these actions due to no actions of their own. So thanks for making your tone into some attack against me when this situation won't even affect me. GG. I'm allowed to have concern for others without having a personal stake in the matter.

Comment: Re:a fucking waste (Score 2) 170 170

Get over yourself. People get off for the holidays and they want to enjoy them. This is a prime way people enjoy there break when they might be completely snowed in or it's too shitty outside. The fact that you look down on video games doesn't change the fact that this attack does nothing but punish innocent users who simply want to relax and play their systems.

Comment: Not like Thomas Edison (Score 4, Insightful) 692 692

I'm starting to get tired of this Thomas Edison comparison that I read from time to time. Thomas Edison's inventions inventions fundamentally changed the human condition. Specifically the light bulb. Suddenly the entire human race can get a lot done inside larger indoor spaces and at night where previously limited lighting prevented many activities. The iPhone did not in anyway change the human condition on these scales. Combined with Edison's other inventions Jobs looks even less important. He made a few good devices using existing technology. He did not reinvent the light bulb.

Comment: Re:I agree (Score 1) 564 564

Considering the topic of conversation the fact that they exist is entirely relevant. You can't just wholesale act like they don't exist because it's inconvenient to the argument. Google alone has a test fleet of at least 10 cars. They've completed over 300,000 miles of autonomous driving. There is even one license in Nevada for one of these cars that was issued in May 2012. Just because you haven't personally been in one yet does not exclude their existence or the fact people are riding in autonomously controlled vehicles.

Comment: I agree (Score 1) 564 564

Despite blackberry's performance lately I tend to agree. I've got a iPad 3rd gen, an android tablet, and a Samsung s3. I use the s3 everyday for all the same tasks I would have used tablets for. I'm not even sure the other two tablets are charged right now. When I do real computing I use my laptop.

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