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Comment: Re:Jamming unlinced spectrum is illegal? (Score 3, Interesting) 278

by Titus Groan (#48058689) Attached to: Marriott Fined $600,000 For Jamming Guest Hotspots
"or authorized by" you are authorized to use unlicensed frequencies, by that very chapter if you are abiding by those rules, ergo the marriott's AP was not abiding by that rule and therefore technically not permitted to use the unlicensed frequencies which would be the legal grounds for the fine - would it not?

Comment: Re:Actually, it does ! (Score 3, Insightful) 375

by Titus Groan (#47728461) Attached to: Would Scottish Independence Mean the End of UK's Nuclear Arsenal?
Scotland has been economically raped by the UK for more than just the 30 years or so that north sea oil and gas has been around. Scotland has consistently paid more tax per head of population than the rest of the UK. Then there's the clearances. The proverb you are grasping for with lethologica is "together we stand, divided we fall" how do you think George Washington et al would feel about that statement if you had a time machine and suggested that to them?

Comment: Re:No. It would not. (Score 1) 375

by Titus Groan (#47728147) Attached to: Would Scottish Independence Mean the End of UK's Nuclear Arsenal?
it's not as silly a question as you might think. Firstly moving both installations (the sub base and the storage facility) is going to cost a bomb (if you'll excuse the pun). So you have that cost added to the fact Scotland will no longer be subsidizing the UK. rUK borrowing or tax would have to rise to accommodate.

Comment: Re: Reality not sufficient, (Score 1) 109

MIT recently announced screen technology that corrects for bad eyesight. I can't imagine it would be too long before Oculus included this rather than accommodate glasses wearing. I'm lucky that I'm short sighted and have had no problems seeing content on the VR glasses that I've tried so far without my glasses in the way.

Comment: Re:this + vaping (Score 2) 159

by Titus Groan (#47438137) Attached to: Biohackers Are Engineering Yeast To Make THC
here in the UK oil used to be a class-A drug like heroin whilst the resin or plant matter was a class-B. The main reason for this, I believe, was the method of extracting oil with isopropanol can be a bit of a fire/explosion risk. When they reclassified weed/resin as class-C they also lowered oil's classification. Then they moved plant/resin backup to class-B which is where oil remains now; because governments are fickle like that.

Comment: Re:Do No Evil so why not delete the info? (Score 2, Insightful) 138

in days of old - you'd have to manually search an unindexed and massive collection of newspapers on microfiche to locate news articles about a crime that was "expunged" by the rehabilitation of offenders act. these days 10 seconds of google can turn them all up. There is no suddenly in the act, there's a sliding scale based upon how long the sentence was. If you're jailed for 4 years or more the conviction does not become non-disclosable. Failing to employ someone in there 40s because they had a shoplifting conviction when they were 18 is unfair on the silly mistakes of youth.

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