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Comment: Re:There is no such thing as "maths" (Score 1) 688

by TitusC3v5 (#47064183) Attached to: Professors: US "In Denial" Over Poor Maths Standards
The rest of the world is technically wrong. Mathematics is a singular noun, due to the way -ics is handled by the original latin/greek. On the other hand, -th indicates a singular verb as well, so when you throw that s on the end of it, you're making it (incorrectly) plural.

However, I said it was technically wrong for a reason. Language is dictated by usage, not semantics. It's the reason why the word "ain't" is in the dictionary today. So even though maths may not be technically correct, the widespread usage of the word dictates that it is.

Comment: Re:Free To Do What We Tell You (Score 1) 274

by TitusC3v5 (#46637753) Attached to: NSA Confirms It Has Been Searching US Citizens' Data Without a Warrant
Fast few menu implies that there is an actual choice. Our presidential elections (and elections in general, really) are more akin to the Super Bowl.

The system isn't going to change until the general populace starts seriously supporting 3rd parties. But with the media, money, and politicians in power being linked together like some kind of demented ouroboros, the chances of that happen are somewhere between nil and nonexistent.

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I wouldn't be sure about that. If I'd currently had mod points, I would have modded down all the off topic stuff, and I imagine there are plenty of other people with a similar mindset.

Regardless of whether or not the complaints have merit, clicking on a story to read the commentary only to see a sea of people frothing at the mouth over what will eventually be inconsequential stuff. Yes, inconsequential. I've been through several of these Slashdot revamps now, and it's always the same story: new layout introduced, the community loses its shit, it eventually goes live and everybody gets used to it and it's a non-issue.

Comment: Re:MOVIN' ON UP. (Score 1) 110

by TitusC3v5 (#46171743) Attached to: Second World War Code-cracking Computing Hero Colossus Turns 70
I don't see the grey on grey you speak of. My only real issue with the beta format so far is the excessive amount of whitespace. Or perhaps I'm just impartial since I tend to spend more time at Ars (where Slashdot seems to pull a large number of their stories) than here.

Edit: Oh, and the lack of auto-fill for the subject of new comments. Almost forgot about that one.

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