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+ - Right Story, Wrong Pic for Neda

Submitted by arizwebfoot
arizwebfoot writes: In this article, "The Speed At Which Wrong Information Flows", comes a bit of interesting info. "If you've been following the news of the protests in Iran over the past few days, you've no doubt heard about the story of "Neda Soltani, who was shot and killed on video, and has become, as some news reports have noted, "the face of Iran's struggle." Not to get into the politics of it all, what is quite fascinating is the news that the photo that many individuals and news sources are using for Soltani isn't just of a different Neda Soltani, but it's due to confusion over how Facebook works (found via Mathew Ingram)

Comment: Re:Why, oh why. (Score 0, Troll) 460

by TinFoilMan (#28392697) Attached to: ACLU Sues DHS Over Unlawful Searches and Detention
Why mod Troll?

The parent made some good points and sparked a lovely amount of good comment.

Sometimes I think modders have their heads way up their arses and can't see the trees for the forest. They did the same thing last night to someone who posted a decent post and generated 185 responses.

Comment: Re:Why, oh why. - Indeed. (Score 1) 460

by TinFoilMan (#28392487) Attached to: ACLU Sues DHS Over Unlawful Searches and Detention

Unless you have an account with a bank, they won't do it.

the way the banks are, cash gets an IMMEDIATE credit to your account whereas a check, regardless of who issues it, means at least a ten day hold on the funds.

A. Every grocery store in America issues money orders.
B. Cashier's checks are typically deposited immediately. Typically Money Orders are deposited after they post.
C. There are a number of banks that will give you a cashier's check even without a back account at that bank.
D. With a business account, who cares if it takes ten days to clear, that's the cost of doing business.

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