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Comment: Re:So.... (Score 1) 646

by TinBromide (#33595662) Attached to: High Fructose Corn Syrup To Get a Makeover
funny you mention DDT. I was thinking about bedbugs the other day and one of the major reasons they are seeing a resurgence is that DDT used to kill them when exterminators sprayed indoors for roaches or other insects, the new stuff doesn't work anymore. I'd be up for a partial unbanning of DDT for moderate indoor use only when treating known bedbug infections. Currently there is no insecticide that works well on bedbugs without a direct application (and its hard to directly spray all the bugs or their near vicinity). Until there is a new pesticide that works on them, the once quaint little pest of the past will continue to spread...

Comment: Sounds like extortion (Score 4, Insightful) 209

by TinBromide (#33475346) Attached to: New Copyright Lawsuits Go After Porn On Bittorrent
Hmm, people will definitely settle now, there won't be much sympathy as there was for Jaime Thomas. Nobody wants their name out there for having massive collection of porn, that's something you want to keep on the DL.

1. Accuse someone of having massive amounts of porn and offer to sell your silence

2. ???

3. Profit!!!

Oh, wait, step 2 IS step 1....

Comment: Sweet, a use that isn't lung replacement (Score 3, Funny) 45

by TinBromide (#32694300) Attached to: Researchers Create Lung On a Chip
So before a whole bunch of people talk about implanting a RAID array of solid state lungs in you, or helping people, or finding a better way to assist people with breathing issues, I'm going to give kudos to the submitter for putting the intended purpose of these things in the summary.

That aside, when will we be able to implant a RAID array of solid state lungs?

Comment: Cat Pain Tolerance (Score 4, Interesting) 225

by TinBromide (#32694270) Attached to: Bionic Cat Gets World's First Implant Paws
Just as a point of interest, there were a series of experiments (honest to goodness animal cruelty WITHOUT benefit) to test the pain tolerance of various animals. One of the results of the experiment was that the scientist concluded that cats did not feel pain. This was later proven to be false, but because cats evolved as a unique mix of predators/prey (they're not the alpha carnivore) and as a solitary creature, there was no benefit to showing external signs of pain. In fact, it could put them at risk, so cats will actively hide it.

Now if you step on a cat's tail, it'll freak out, so there's none of that kind of pain going on, but cats are really good at hiding chronic pain, so simply because the cats are good at hiding pain doesn't mean that these implants are pain free.

Comment: Re:Who dripped Solder on Mars (Score 1) 139

by TinBromide (#32671022) Attached to: 7th Graders Find Large Cave On Mars

Having some of that Water Ice, and CO2 Ice nearby wouldn't hurt either.

See I grew in south jersey, where they borrow slang from philadelphia and I always wondered why people were so interested in italian water ice or, as we called it, "water ice". I mean its nice on a summer day, but there's more to life than frozen flavored water.

Comment: Re:Just kidding, folks. (Score 4, Informative) 139

by TinBromide (#32670988) Attached to: 7th Graders Find Large Cave On Mars

They were using thermal imaging, not visible light.

ok, to revise then:

I would think that by using the image to get the angle of the sun striking the surface of Mars that they could say that if it was any shallower than that the light from the sun would Heat Up part of the bottom of the cave. Therefore since they see no heat from the bottom it must be deeper than the minimum.

Happy, mister snippy pants?

Comment: Re:Where's the applications? (Score 5, Informative) 271

by TinBromide (#32585442) Attached to: Fermilab Experiment Hints At Multiple Higgs Particles
Simply because you or I cannot find an immediate use for something does not mean that it is not useful. Who knows, in 15 years, knowledge gained through these experiments could lead to a better method of harvesting energy from some unknown source, or coming up with a better means of propulsion or medicine for a problem that we thought was mundane (subatomic cure for the common cold? who knows).

It is for this reason that science should be pursued so that when someone infinitely smarter than you combines this bit of knowledge with another bit, mankind sees a tangible benefit.

Comment: Re:Goatse? Really? (Score 2, Funny) 284

by TinBromide (#32519172) Attached to: AT&T Leaks Emails Addresses of 114,000 iPad Users

What's even better is that the first 3 words of the headline are "AT&T's Gaping Hole".

Well, I was rather amused by the fact that "Goatse" "Leaked" something from said "Gaping Hole," I suppose that if you spend all your time playing with your "gaping hole," then something is eventually going to leak.

Comment: Re:iPhad; hardware is sexy? (Score 1) 174

by TinBromide (#32491620) Attached to: Computex 2010 Tablet PC Round-Up With Video

lets not forget that the iphone ads are basically show and tell videos of how to do different things with the built in features.

Though you have to admit, those are the best ways to advertise. Granted the iphone isn't as fast as the commercials, but it's displaying real world features that are usable by everyone. I actually like those show-and-tell ads more than the ones that were outright lies (The whole internet, not the... etc. But they didn't tell you that flash didn't work, that you couldn't get 3g, a feature firmly established in previous generation smartphones, and that certain sites would pick up on the iphone and show you mobile sites that are different from desktop "internet") because they demonstrate the product. It's better than those snuggy commercials ("Are you too retarded to operate a phone when covered with a blanket?").

The use of money is all the advantage there is to having money. -- B. Franklin