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Comment Re:The wall will be built (Score 1) 828

People keep fallaciously saying this... If it makes you feel better, by all means keep repeating it to yourself. You don't

1) Understand HOW a President gets elected (Seriously- if you mention "popular vote" in this context, you DO NOT KNOW.)
2) Understand that it's not what YOU wish, but what a lot of other people think that you clearly know nothing about.

While I didn't agree with the man's take on things, I thought Romney was going to take it because of anti-Dem fervor back then. Clearly I was wrong. Pontificating like you have here, you're likely to be that too. Just don't act shocked, pissed, etc. when it doesn't work out that way. I won't agree with you then and I won't have any sympathy either.

Comment Re:Because that would be unimaginable CENSORSHIP? (Score 3, Informative) 828

Do these same people support the 1950s Hollywood (private company) blacklists of communists and fellow-travelers?

I may not approve of what you say, but you have the right to say it. The same goes for blacklisting. I don't approve of what movie studios did, but they did have a right to refuse to hire people based on political alignment.

Comment Re:What a retarded concept (Score 1) 246

If you think that programming naturally leads to improved problem solving skills, you're psychotic. Just look at all the delayed, failed, and buggy software out there.

But that's a side point. You have to consider whether those people would have been even stupider if they weren't programming. Crossword puzzles increase mental agility (especially in the elderly) even when people suck at them.

Comment Re:Remember the NASA Wind Turbines? (Score 1) 179

Current blades are trucked in one piece (per blade) which is impressive to see. Three of them were parked on I-5 outside of Patterson, California a few months ago. There are a lot of net videos and photos which convey the scale.

Even at the current size they can't get through many highway interchanges and local intersections. The larger ones won't be able to ship in one piece at all.

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