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Comment This may have been legit (Score 1) 114

This may not have been a ponzi scheme actually. What Trevor was probably attempting to do is equivalent to short selling a stock into oblivion. Namely, he was borrowing all the bitcoin he could and then dumping it on the market, hoping he'd have a big enough influence to push the price down enough to make up for his 1% interest per 3 days.

What he did with the money after selling the bitcoin, (the Las Vegas dinners, and gambling, etc.) doesn't really matter to the business plan, and therefore irrelevant. After all, if you are trying to crash the price of bitcoin to $0, and you succeed, then the cash you received from selling it isn't needed anymore.

The only problem is that he failed to sell enough of it fast enough. So, in reality, it is just like any other hedge fund that shorts on stocks, and the fact that it failed should really just be a notice to the investors to be careful of high risk investments.

Comment What if the brain itself uses these algorithms? (Score 1) 101

If we find out in the future that the brain itself uses these algorithms being patented, does this mean it counts as prior art, therefore invalidating them?
From wikipedia:

Prior art (state of the art or background art), in most systems of patent law, constitutes all information that has been made available to the public in any form before a given date that might be relevant to a patent's claims of originality.

Since there is no restriction on form, then you could argue that the art has been made available to the public.

Comment Re:It has this. (Score 2) 191

How about we turn this around: Other than pirating commercial software or installing spyware, what do you lose by an inability to side-load without a jailbreak?

We'll never know the answer to this, because we'll never know what apps would have been available if side-loading existed.

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