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Comment Re:This is a bullshit simplification (Score 1) 303

I'm saying it's a conspiracy to get the public to believe something that is untrue that many people have known about and has been successful for the better part of a century, which refutes the article's presupposition that this formula can predict whether a conspiracy is probable or not.

I didn't say it was good or bad.

Comment This is a bullshit simplification (Score 4, Interesting) 303

Want a conspiracy that has succeeded after over 70 years? Believe that carrots are good for your eyes? Nope, this was a rumor spread by Britain's air ministry to prevent the Russians from finding out about their new radar system. And yet a lot of people still believe that carrots are good for your eyes to this day.

How about UFO's? The CIA spread disinformation about UFO's in the 1950's and 1960's to hide their experimental aircraft program. Another example of a conspiracy that took hold with the general public and survived to this day.

It's not amount of time since the event occurred, or the number of people involved, it's the cover story that makes the conspiracy succeed or fail.

Comment Re:Still sucks (Score 1) 467

And said apprentice defeated Finn even after getting shot with Chewie's bowcaster and running hundreds of meters outside to confront the heroes in the forest.

I realize that exercise isn't a priority for most geeks, but I think we can both understand that at least a normal human being, much less a highly skilled jedi knight is able to run around the block and not pass out from exertion.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 954

The goal of terrorism is terror. A populace living in fear is a victory for terrorists. It's as simple as that.

That's like saying the goal of kicking a football is to have it fly in the air. That result will happen, obviously, but winning the game by making a field goal would likely be the true goal of the person who kicked it.

ISIL are terrorists. They don't have the means to take over the world and they are well aware of that fact. What they can do is employ guerilla warfare and terror tactics to sow seeds of uneasiness or outright fear so that those who don't belong in their clique will think twice about opposing them or even badmouthing them.

No, they do want to take over the world:

Politicians just take advantage of the openings creating by such terrorists.

We agree, and I'd argue they've won at this point. Care to differ?

Comment Re:Refresh my memory (Score 1) 127

Sony PSN and XboxLive use a different protocol then Google or Amazon. It's likely there are more expensive operations that the former networks have to support. It's like having a doorbell that plays a very long musical tone for the pizza man which the Jehovah's witness are continually pressing. And you aren't playing the game... probably because you have no idea what you are talking about.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 954

Terrorism is a tactic, and terrorist is someone who employs that tactic to achieve an end. If the terrorist hasn't achieved the end, they haven't won. If you read about ISIS and what they're trying to accomplish, it's in line with "Death to all infidels!". They are really about taking over the world.

Politicians, on the other hand, want power and control, and scaring the populace into handing it over has been a standard tactic since practically forever. Threats such as terrorism give them a way to do it. And given the ridiculous extent of the bending over by the public as in examples such as this, it's pretty obvious by now that they practically own us.

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