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Comment: Re:Embarrassed (Score 1) 386

by TimeOut42 (#41901517) Attached to: Voting Machine Problem Reports Already Rolling In

Your kidding you had to wait a whole 60 minutes, that's almost an entire hour. Well, I hope you recover from your trauma.

How many nurses do you need for your flu shot? One to hold your hand, one to process your insurance paperwork, one to tell you everything will be okay and then one to give you the shot?


Comment: Re:Disgraceful (Score 0) 386

by TimeOut42 (#41901477) Attached to: Voting Machine Problem Reports Already Rolling In

Yeah, terrible that 99.99% of the country isn't have problems. I guess we should throw the whole thing in the trash for the .01% of idiots that can't press a button or show up to work on time.

Come on, don't fall for the press' coverage of only negative news and then paint the entire picture that color.

Comment: Re:If only! (Score 1) 277

by TimeOut42 (#41853067) Attached to: More Than 25% of Android Apps Know Too Much About You

That is just plain silly. How many support calls do you think they dev would get when a paranoid user denies access to the internet for a twitter client. Come on, this is nothing but FUD; all operating systems access stuff; most mobile OS will tell you what it is going to do. If you don't like the permissions it is request, then don't install the app.

Most of your 'free' software, even the apps that don't use the internet, are ad-supported, which does need the internet. If you don't like that, then purchase the full app or again, don't install it.

Finally, I have to agree with the statement in the article that many of the permissions that are used are just poor development practices. For example; maybe the dev was testing storing data on the SD card, decided not to do it, but failed to remove the permissions from the manifest. The app would show that it still needs access to the SD card, but the program never actually uses.

Another way to help protect yourself; don't always run as root -- amazing how many of the people here complain about the permissions, then essentially give every app full permissions to their phone. These are the same people that use the same password on every site and run their PC OS as root too.

Comment: Re:Good lord. (Score 2) 191

by TimeOut42 (#39031487) Attached to: NASA To Drastically Cut Mars Mission Funding

You can't use that strategy in two cases. First, if it is a manned mission, you can't just 'hope' it doesn't fail. It must NOT fail. Second, when you invest in a program to send a spacecraft on a ten year mission (ie. surveying Pluto) you can't have it fail when it arrives. What, then start over and wait another ten years? The strategy that you are advocating is due to a lack of two things; the lack of engineering expertise and lack of funding to properly execute a space program. Don't mistake those shortfalls for a better engineer program.


Pouring Water Into a Volcano To Generate Power 321

Posted by samzenpus
from the pele-approved dept.
Hugh Pickens writes "Until recently, geothermal power systems have exploited only resources where naturally occurring heat, water, and rock permeability are sufficient to allow energy extraction. Now, geothermal energy developers plan use a new technology called Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) to pump 24 million gallons of water into the side of the dormant Newberrry Volcano, located about 20 miles south of Bend, Oregon, in an effort to use the earth's heat to generate power. 'We know the heat is there,' says Susan Petty, president of AltaRock Energy, Inc. of Seattle. 'The big issue is can we circulate enough water through the system to make it economic.' Since natural cracks and pores do not allow economic flow rates, the permeability of the volcanic rock can be enhanced with EGS by pumping high-pressure cold water down an injection well into the rock, creating tiny fractures in the rock, a process known as hydroshearing. Then cold water is pumped down production wells into the reservoir, and the steam is drawn out. Natural geothermal resources only account for about 0.3 percent of U.S. electricity production, but a 2007 Massachusetts Institute of Technology report projected EGS could bump that to 10 percent within 50 years, at prices competitive with fossil-fuels. 'The important question we need to answer now,' says USGS geophysicist Colin Williams, 'is how geothermal fits into the renewable energy picture, and how EGS fits. How much it is going to cost, and how much is available.'"

Comment: Re:Why is CarrierIQ an issue? (Score -1, Troll) 130

by TimeOut42 (#38274728) Attached to: Researchers Say Carrier IQ Isn't Logging Data, Texts

The URL is not encrypted when it travels over SSL (https), nether is anything on the request string. So, if you ever see something then you need to know that the username and password are sent in the 'clear'. Just to be clear, I mean unencrypted.

If the URL was encrypted then the packet would have to wander across the entire network hoping to find its destination.

Comment: Re:Don't confuse the masses with legalese please (Score 2) 130

by TimeOut42 (#38274504) Attached to: Researchers Say Carrier IQ Isn't Logging Data, Texts

Go to jail over what? Nobody has really proved anything. Driving a car is dangerous under any scenario; someone should go to jail over this!

Bottom line, knee jerk report about stuff showing up in the logcat; research done. I didn't see anyone listening on the wire to see what was actually being sent, how it was being sent or give Carrier IQ and the carriers a chance to explain. It was just people with pitchforks and torches.

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