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Comment Re:Both Sides Are Terrible (Score 5, Interesting) 618

Way to misrepresent what happened. Jennifer Keller (aka Laughing Witch) showed her real name in letter(s) before sending it out to Thunderf00t's employer, police, and anyone else she could think of. In her pursuit of attacking Thunderf00t, she exposed her real name with enough information to Google her in under 60 seconds. Thunderf00t made a video calling her out on it and nothing more. Thunderf00t never asked for nor condoned harassing the witch. The witch, however, actively tried to recruit more people to help amplify her vitriol. So tell me again who is using despicable tactics?

Comment Re:Sounds Better? (Score 1) 433

I'd bet that the results are much like taste tests between regular food and organic food. People will pick what they want to, based on prejudices. (See I'd also wager they're more likely than not to try and justify their position. Admitting "defeat" and changing one's stance is a thing many avoid doing.

Comment Re: The Nazis excluded people (Score 2) 307

That's not the appropriate comparison. This is just simply separating people into separate but equal queues for the fountains of knowledge that is our education system. I'd say it's probably also best if they sit at the back of the school buses so as not to intimidate other passengers. I for one cannot think of any examples of how this has ever caused problems in the past.

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