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Submission Censorship: Zuckerberg agreed with Merkel to censor Facebook->

Taco Cowboy writes: We often complain about censorship that happens in rogue states such as China / Cuba / Russia / Iran / North Korea / Saudi Arabia, and we often compare the appalling conditions of those rogue states to the so-called *** FREEDOM*** that we get to enjoy in the so-called West...


Attending a luncheon on the sidelines of a United Nations development summit in New York on Saturday, Merkel and Zuckerberg were overheard conversing on topic regarding anti-migrants postings on Facebook, on a live transmission broadcast on the UN website

Merkel asked Zuckerberg to censor postings which are deemed to be anti-migrants, and in response, Zuckerberg promised his full cooperation, by saying "We need to do some work”

This is certainly no conspiracy, the entire thing was broadcast live

The elites no longer are satisfied with abusing the power that they are entrusted with — now, they want to have the power over what we can or cannot say

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Comment Re:I've always said (Score 4, Informative) 241

the unassailble fact that humanity is in everlasting war

sophomoric drivel

war is not an ongoing process

war is what happens when two bad leaders can't get past their differences and reach a compromise

they drag their populations into their petty personal spat

As the USA has been at war for 222 years out of the 239 years since 1776, for the USA war is business as usual (or just business) -

Comment Re:Klaus Fuchs was one of Chruchill's Scientists.. (Score 1) 77

Sorry no. When Fuchs worked at Los Alamos on the Manhattan Project he was a British citizen (since 1942), although by that time he had been recruited (at least as a fellow traveller) by the Soviets; who were now allies. He was also a Quaker.

At no point was Fuchs an American citizen. As he was, at the time, perhaps the leading theoretician on plutonium implosion; it seems more logical to argue that without Fuchs it would have taken the Americans much longer, particularly as all the devices, other than Little Boy (a dead end, but relatively reliable and simple) used plutonium implosion.

It is now generally agreed that the American's curtailing of newer information to the British (from July 1942 through 1943) probably delayed the Los Alamos project by about a year, as it was still heavily reliant on Tube Alloy theory and research. The British work was heavily constrained by a lack of resources caused by waging war against Germany from 1939. Obviously the wealth, engineering expertise, and organizational ability of the U.S. were the main reason for the success of the Manhattan Project, but it would not have existed without the fundamental Tube Alloy work. Fuchs and other Soviet agents were at least partially responsible for the reduction of trust of the British by the U.S. after the war. Although U.S. nuclear test data was generally shared, relatively little cooperation occurred on fusion weapons.

Comment Re:Klaus Fuchs was one of Chruchill's Scientists.. (Score 1) 77

No, Fuchs did not pass on information to the British.

You do know that the British worked on the Manhattan project and were working on an atomic bomb before the Americans?
See Frisch–Peierls:–Peierls_memorandum
The early work by the British and Canadians was one reason why the Manhattan project was successful in a relatively short timescale.

Much of the material that Fuchs passed on to the Soviets came from Tube Alloys:

Comment Re:Your post is a non-sequitur. (Score 2) 183

The point being that Apple didn't adopt Objective-C just to be weird. Next used Objective-C to build NextStep and there's certain things in Objective-C that made NextStep moderately cool.

Objective-C was used in the late 1980s to early 1990s to quickly create relatively secure GUI environments on NeXT equipment (where cost was not a serious issue) for military/spook type applications.
This was at the time that programs written for the MS environment still were based on MS-DOS or Windows 2 or 3.0. The tools available were not generally considered suitable for the speedy development of secure systems...

Comment Re:sure, works for France (Score 1) 296

Vacation time is not something that government can force an employer to add on top of your salary, it is your salary, it is just a different way to pay you.

I don't know for sure about France but in many European countries vacation is by law on top of your salary, so you're still getting your normal paycheck when you're on vacation. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case in France as well.

In Australia, many employees are on a government mandated award. This has minimum salaries, overtime payments and holidays - So if you are say, a waiter or a retail assistant, you know what your minimum conditions will be.
Most awards enforce a payment of 117.5% of your salary when you are on holiday (20 days + 10 days public holidays) because most people spend more when they are on holiday.

Comment Just try to avoid it (Score 1) 303

As a now retired user and developer who sometimes used Oracle (since V4 ), I know the truth of the old saw:
Q: "What do you call Oracle customers?"
A: "Hostages"
Perhaps Larry has has read the Rentier Capitalist's Handbook and found an even better way to take all business users and developers hostage? I would advise avoiding Java (and Oracle) in new projects wherever practicable.

We are Microsoft. Unix is irrelevant. Openness is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.