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The Military

+ - One step closer to invisibility cloaks

Submitted by
Tim MacDonald
Tim MacDonald writes: "Scientists at the University of California, Berkley, have successfully cloaked three dimensional objects by using artificially engineered "meta-materials" that redirects light around objects. This work brings scientists one step closer to developing technology that can hide people and objects from visible light, which has obvious military applications. The findings are to be released later this week in the journals Nature and Science."
The Media

+ - Universal becomes copyright infringer->

Submitted by
Tim MacDonald
Tim MacDonald writes: "Not all copyright infringers are small time crooks — sometimes they make it to the big time.

Mike Nichols lifted 34 seconds of journalist Arthur Kent's video footage from the archives and ran it — complete with Kent's original voice over — in his film Charlie Wilson's War, without asking permission.

Kent is taking Universal to court for this brazen display of plagiarism. Why should the MPAA go to town against the average public who download a cam while waiting for the DVD to come out when they can't keep their own filmmakers and studios in check for plagiarism?"

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