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Comment: Sorry, we are going to have to let you go. (Score 5, Funny) 836

by Tilzs (#28377369) Attached to: Montana City Requires Workers' Internet Accounts
It has come to our attention that you lied or omitted information on your employment application. We have found out that you neglected to mention that you registered at 8 years ago to download some drivers and 3 years ago at when you posted "get of my lawn".

Comment: Do the calcuation where you live (Score 1) 591

by Tilzs (#26449321) Attached to: Switching To Solar Power — Six Months Later
You can calculate how much solar energy you get per year by using solar radiation data collected by the weather community. . You can then use this information to do a calculation on what solar panels will do for your particular location.

Comment: Re:Peoples Republic? (Score 1) 609

by Tilzs (#26364283) Attached to: New Energy Efficiency Rules For TVs Sold In California
And then people complain that the cost of living is so high for low / middle income earners and they need more assistance from the Government. Environmental regulation in the long run costs everyone money. If one is for this sort of thing that requires EVERYONE to change their lifestyle. One can't just demand more money/breaks from the Nanny State because cost of living suddenly increased. Government begets more Government.

+ - Running MS Office 2003 on Linux with Wine 0.9.52->

Submitted by
twickline writes: "This is a Office 2003 on Linux with Wine 0.9.52, Guide with lots of nice screenshots and tips. The long standing error"Microsoft Office (Word or Excell) has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application" has now been properly fixed as of Wine 0.9.52 in addition to many other fixes and enhancements. If you currently use Office 2003 on Linux via Wine this should be considered as a major upgrade."
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The Media

+ - A Shocking Report Inside The Ron Paul Conspiracy->

Submitted by
Andrew Malcolm
Andrew Malcolm writes: "A shocking report: Inside the Ron Paul conspiracy Maybe you've heard rumors about an explosive newspaper expose on a major political figure that would rock the political world just as the presidential voting is about to begin... We haven't either. But we do know that today is when this newspaper blows the top off of the Ron Paul Conspiracy, that vast unorganized protest movement that has silently become one of the more interesting political phenomena of the current election season... goto to read more"
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+ - Republican CNN/Youtube debate full of plants 7

Submitted by StopKoolaidPoliticsT
StopKoolaidPoliticsT writes: Wednesday night, the Republican candidates participated in a debate run by CNN with questions fielded from Youtube. Today, even The NY Times, hardly a bastion of conservatism, is questioning CNN's vetting of the people whose question were chosen. There are at least eight participants who have already been outed as Democratic activists, interns and supporters, the least of which is retired Brig. General Keith Kerr who serves on two of Hillary Clinton's campaign advisory panels and was flown to the debate by CNN to ask a follow-up question live. Was it fair for CNN to frame the Republican debate in terms of Democrat ideology? Should those who would question the candidates at least be honest about who they are everyone knows the full context of the question? Did CNN fulfill its journalistic responsibility?
The Military

+ - Robotic Exoskeleton: Live Demonstration->

Submitted by Anthony Pecorella
Anthony Pecorella writes: Apparently someone has watched The Matrix: Revolutions a few too many times. Or, to give credit where credit is due, read Heinlein's Starship Troopers a few too many times. The robotic exoskeleton that the military and geeks alike have been drooling over for years is now a reality. While this prototype is still tethered with a power cord, they are apparently not far off from having a fully mobile model. The exoskeleton is quite agile and gives the wearer a significant boost in strength. From the article:

Imagine trying to lift 150 to 200 ammo cans that weigh 72 pounds each onto a pallet. Commanding his exoskelton, Rex does it. In a round robin, lifting 35-pound canisters, several of us — moving as fast as we can — can't keep up. Steve Emero of SARCOS felt so worn out he couldn't keep going. But Rex could.

Lifting 200-pound weights? Piece of cake. Walking up stairs? No problem. Running, walking on heels, prancing, taking on a ramp, the list goes on!

Meshed with exoskeleton, Rex punches a bag with just the right amount of strength. From enough grace to gently play ball, to enough super-power to load a missile on an airplane, exoskeleton does it all.
There is also an excellent video of the exoskeleton in action. Of course, I know everyone thinks "military", but wouldn't this have amazing applications for dock, factory, and construction workers as well?

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+ - Linux Users Can't Sell On eBay-> 2

Submitted by bobintetley
bobintetley writes: Many Linux/Firefox users are reporting problems uploading images to eBay. Having tested this myself, it is indeed completely broken. Why eBay would break standard HTTP uploads by using IE specific javascript to "check the file exists" boggles the mind. This problem has been reported to eBay since late October, but so far with no resolution. eBay have since stated that only IE is supported. I guess when you have no real competition you can pull stunts like this.
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+ - Say it ain't so, Santa!

Submitted by
ignatow writes: "THERE'LL be no ho, ho, ho this Christmas. Aspiring Santas have been told not to use the term "ho" because it could be seen as derogatory to women. What will they think of next? He has to loose weight, eat gluten free cookies, drink soy milk, what?!?!"

+ - Dell charging extra to install XP Pro vs Vista?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: I just had a friend call me who was purchasing a new system from Dell. They told him he was going to be charged an additional $150 to have XP Pro installed instead of Vista! Has anyone else heard of this from other vendors? Why do I get the feeling this is a mandate from M$ down to the OEMS?

+ - More evidence that XP is Vista's main competitor-> 3

Submitted by
Ian Lamont
Ian Lamont writes: "Computerworld is reporting that Windows XP Service Pack 3 runs MS Office 10% faster than XP SP2 — and is "considerably faster" than Vista SP1. XP SP3 isn't scheduled to be released until next year, but testers at Devil Mountain Software — the same company which found Vista SP 1 to be hardly any faster than the debut version of Vista — were able to run some benchmarking tests on a release candidate of XP SP3, says the report. While this may be great news for XP owners, it is a problem for Microsoft, which is having trouble convincing business users to migrate to Vista: 'Vista's biggest competition isn't Apple or Novell or Red Hat; it's Microsoft itself, it's XP, [Forrester Research analyst Benjamin Gray] said. So enamored of XP are businesses that Microsoft may feel obligated to extend the operating system's mainstream support past its current April 2009 expiration date. ... He attributed the lowered expectations to a lack of detailed information about Vista in 2006; too-high prices for PCs with 2GB of memory, which is essentially the minimum needed for Vista, according to company managers; and a larger-than-expected number of incompatible applications.'"
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+ - Content filtering for free wi-fi 5

Submitted by Munk
Munk writes: My in-laws own a truckstop and want to start offering free wi-fi to their customers. Since the wi-fi would cover the restaurant and other public areas, they don't want folks surfing porn where other customers could see it. And as a side benefit, I would also like to be able to block P2P traffic that would use excessive bandwidth. Does anybody have an suggestions for a setup to handle this sort of thing? I would obviously like to use linux and other free software if possible.

+ - Black Friday crowds spend an estimated $20 billion->

Submitted by dexr0420
dexr0420 writes: NEW YORK ( — Worried retailers and mall operators breathed a sigh of relief after the 2007 holiday shopping marathon off to a robust start Friday. According to the first early sales estimate, MasterCard Advisors retail analyst Michael McNamara expects Black Friday sales to hit $20 billion. MasterCard Advisors tracks spending made on credit and debit cards as well as cash and check transactions.
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