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Comment: Re:inertia... oops! I mean, moo. (Score 1) 9

by Chacham (#49300167) Attached to: Verbiage: 42 is here

I'm probably the same way. Got to milk my 3 digit UID for all its worth. :)

I've never gone to a meetup. I'd be self-conscious, feel out of place, and so on. Add travel, and forget it. If there was one here in Detroit, i'd at least consider it.

I did meet one slashdotter though. He got me an interview in Toledo. Though i don't remember who it was, i remember his smile when i came through the door and feeling good about meeting someone else.

Comment: Re:Alternate Title of this JE... (Score 1) 11

by RailGunner (#49294865) Attached to: Thoughts for the Day...

Most of the ammo is for Deer / Boar hunting. There's no limit and no season for Boar here in Texas -- there's too many. Hunters can remove about 21% of them a year, and as fast as they reproduce (and with no real natural predators, Coyote's aren't big enough to get very many of them) the State has a huge problem with Feral Hogs.

Which if you've never had, you should. Best pork you'll ever eat. Venison is very good as well.

Comment: Re:Alternate Title of this JE... (Score 1) 11

by RailGunner (#49294523) Attached to: Thoughts for the Day...
I'm not much of a Republican these days. When Boehner and McConnell give Obama everything he wants through CR / Omnibus Spending, there's no difference between those two jackasses and Reid and Pelosi.

Now, the GOP will have a dog and pony show in which Jeb Bush will win, and our choices will be (as I said) Hillary Clinton or Less Masculine Hillary Clinton (Jeb) at which point I'll vote third party. Constitution Party being the most likely.

Otherwise, I'll continue to stockpile ammo, food, water, and wait for the world to burn.

Comment: Re:Well, I don't consider myself 'Protestant' (Score 1) 11

by RailGunner (#49293843) Attached to: This one's for the Protestants here...
The Catholic Church is opposed to the Death Penalty. The Catholic Church is also opposed to any war that is not "Just" -- for an example of a Just War, Pope Francis recently urged that action (military) be taken against ISIS to get them to stop beheading people and setting them on fire. In other words, war is justified when defending the weak.

So in other words, your statement Anti-abortionists are not pro-life. is provably false.
User Journal

Journal: Verbiage: 42 is here 9

Journal by Chacham

Last night, as the calendar shifted to 27 Adar, i became 42. My birthday is actually in Adar 1, but not being a leap year, there's no intercalary month, so its just plain Adar.

42 is cool and all, but as each year passes, i care less and less about birthdays. It's not more than just getting older. It's about understanding things, realizing how stupid young people are (like i was, back then) and just a general non caring. Life simply is.

User Journal

Journal: Thoughts for the Day... 11

Journal by RailGunner
Jeb Bush is the candidate for Republican Primary Voters who want to vote for a less masculine version of Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of Hillary... KFC has a new "Ready For Hillary For Lunch!" promo - you get a box containing two huge thighs, two small breasts, and a left wing. You have to bring your own server though.

Administration: An ingenious abstraction in politics, designed to receive the kicks and cuffs due to the premier or president. -- Ambrose Bierce