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by RailGunner (#47549717) Attached to: it boggles the mind
Exodus 22:2

“If a thief is caught breaking in at night and is struck a fatal blow, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed.

You don't know why a person is in your house when they shouldn't be. You life is not worth risking to find out if it's a drug addict looking to swipe DVD's to pawn or the newest border jumping MS-13 member or terrorist there to cause you harm.

Don't risk it.

Maybe my perspective is different since I have a wife and kids, but if someone is in my house illegally, I can only assume that there is a grave threat against my family, and I will drop the bastard. Center mass.

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by RailGunner (#47549665) Attached to: it boggles the mind
And maybe it's time to think about getting my first firearm.

First off -- abandon any idea of using rock salt -- pissing off an intruder is only going to get you killed.

Since you'd be new to firearm ownership, let me give you my armchair opinion.

Get a pump action 12 gauge shotgun, and a bunch of 00 buckshot. Hornady makes a gimmicky "Zombie Max" 12 gauge shell, and while it's gimmicky, Hornady makes some damn good ammo (I carry the critical defense hollowpoints in my everyday carry gun, a Springfield XDS chambered in .45 ACP). Don't waste time with bird shot, rock salt, or any other "less lethal" method.

As far as brands -- Remington, Mossberg -- won't go wrong with either one of those.

Finally, buy a box of cheap #8 birdshot and head to a range. One common misconception of a shotgun is that you don't have to aim it, it's a "room broom" -- and that notion is complete horseshit. Yes, the shot will expand but that pattern, especially indoors, and with 8 pellets (00 buck) it's not going to expand that much as to preclude you from aiming it.

Now -- some armchair "experts" will tell you never to cock it as a warning. I disagree with this -- one of my best friends is an officer, and she told me that 95% of the time, cocking a shotgun is enough and you don't have to pull the trigger -- and the other 5% of the time, you're going to have to pull the trigger because the assailant is going to kill everyone in the house.

If you'd rather have a handgun -- get a Glock in .45 ACP, with the highest magazine capacity that your moonbat idiot leaders in Kaliforniastan will let you have. I have a Glock 21 in .45 ACP, and let me tell you -- it's a nail driver. Extremely accurate at the range, and I get a 3 inch grouping at 50 yards with it.

But whatever you get -- practice, practice, practice. And have fun. No such thing as a bad day at the range. Keep the gun clean and the ammo dry and it will last you for decades.
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Journal: Chronicle Sample Merchandice Sale

Journal by Chacham

So, there was a JDRF sale at the company. Or rather, the sale benefited the JDRF. With company themed items, i was interested, for whatever reason.

The sale was Thursday, the email Wednesday (well, after 5 on Tueday), declaring a company "sample merchandise sale". "Pre-Sale 8:00 am - 9:00 am ($10 donation to get in) Sale 9:10 am - 3:00 pm (No charge to get in)".

I sent an email to the sender:

Please excuse my ignorance.

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by RailGunner (#47522953) Attached to: Godwin would be ... something something something
Nope. Just here to note that your idiocy is on another level these days -- which for you, is really saying something. It's past the point of you just naturally being a little slow on the upkeep, it's degenerated to the point where you really have to try to be as willfully ignorant as you are. I'm just here to applaud your effort, it takes a lot to remain so oblivious to overwhelming facts that shatter your world view. Your psyche must be hanging on by a thread, when it finally shatters it'll be amusing to watch.

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by RailGunner (#47522713) Attached to: Funniest /. article in a while
Congratulations, AC, you're written what may possibly be the dumbest post in slashdot history -- and considering the general idiocy of the lefty trolls around here, that's really saying something.

A Christian who "takes the Gospel more seriously than anything else" would interpret those words as never responding to aggression with violence or legal defense. The latter implies you wouldn't even go after government who is violating the Constitution.


Just because Christians are commanded to not respond to violence with violence does not mean that we cannot seek a peaceful, legal remedy. Christians are not commanded to be doormats, AC. Seeking legal (or criminal charges) against someone is vastly different from smacking some dude back.

In other words, a true Christian would not be bothered by the evils of the Progressives, the federal government, etc. Those are merely Kingdoms of Man.

Wrong again. Christians are called to be defenders of innocent life, and for true justice to be merited on earth. Take abortion -- you're making the statement that Christians shouldn't care about abortion because it's part of a Kingdom of Man. Well, if Christians are called to be the Light of the World, how can we stand idly by while innocents are getting slaughtered by the millions?

not being political and telling people how the president is a rodeo clown (that's judging, against what Jesus taught)

What Jesus was talking about was not discerning whether or not an action is sinful, we can judge that all day. Jesus would not object to any Christian saying homosexual contact is sinful. Jesus would strongly object to the Fred Phelps crowd saying all homosexuals are going to Hell. THAT'S WHAT JESUS MEANT WHEN HE SAID DO NOT JUDGE. He meant that He, and only He, through God the Father, is the Judge of Humanity that decides our ultimate fate - Heaven or Hell.

You know, AC, you should really have logged in. You should own your idiocy in this post.

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