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Comment Re:User scripts FTW (Score 1) 4 4


I'm a quickie editor when something annoys me enough, so, i don't feel like learning it extensively, though admittedly, it'd be nice.

I ought to come back to this post before writing a new script though. Maybe some more interest will help me appreciate this information a lot more.

Thank you!

Comment Re:Which amendment now? (Score 1) 2 2

Of course the exception to this that in some cases, when you are in jail you're not allowed to write books and make money off your crimes. Free speech would be you talking to someone about it, but you would not be allowed to detail the crime and make money from it.

The original question isn't about freedoms really, but more about ethics. The data is stolen. You shouldn't be looking at stolen data, or even pseudo-copies. We see with Snowden that even large media companies makes mistakes with release and redacted information (e.g. revealed ISIS current intel because they didn't properly block out a PowerPoint slide). Perhaps you'll feel differently when you see someone who's stolen your name, address, DOB, SSN, work history, history of living, interviews of friends, financial information and a trove of other information put out on the internet, and then have someone do "analysis" of your stolen information. No, this hasn't happened YET. But if the Guardian can do it with stolen documents from a business, there's no barrier to doing it with a person.

Submission + - How is analyzing stolen data ethical? 2 2

JohnnyComeLately writes: If you steal someone's car, the cops don't let you keep the car and tear apart the engine looking for "data". Al Gore didn't create an Internet Cop, but journalistic companies claim to abide by ethical standards. Hence, how can an ethical journal, like the Guardian, do "analysis" of stolen data? Would they do analysis of my stolen information from OPM? Maybe they can have Anderson and Cooper to analysis of my finances with the stolen financial information OPM possessed.
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Journal Journal: Chronicle: Had a problem conceptualizing recusion in Java

I'm reading Java: A Beginner's Guide by Herbert Schildt. Schildt really is good. The lessons are smooth, with small complete examples of everything, explanations, and learning in steps, that is, each chapter builds on what was learned in the past. It's not just a bunch of concepts thrown together.. Here's one case where the O'reilly book

Comment Mac Mini (Score 1) 558 558

Late-2012 Mac Mini
2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
OWC 500Mb SSD drive
16 Gb memory (upgrade from OWC)
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Toshiba 32" TV as the monitor
El Gato HD game capture for streaming XBOX360 on Twitch.TV ( Johnny4848 )

No problems to date. Of course, use Magic Trackpad and Apple wireless keyboard with it.

"It's the best thing since professional golfers on 'ludes." -- Rick Obidiah