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Comment Not to suggest a paid solution, but (Score 1) 47

I commonly get asked to program things that already exist, and it seems counter productive to reinvent the wheel. This is not an endorsement of this product, but they provide what you are looking for: Also if you want to do this yourself, you would want the kml files for congressional districts, they way you can geocode an address and determine which district is is inside. This I have done for other projects.

Comment Re:Power from hydrogen (Score 1) 230

To better explain, the issue with hydrogen is compressing and cooling a tank to keep hydrogen liquid is very heavy, that is why storing hydrogen in Magnesium hydride is attractive, first because it is non-volatile in that form, and you can store lot without a lot of weight.

Comment Re:Power from hydrogen (Score 1) 230

That is because it is using a smaller amount of fuel. The problem with hydrogen cars now is they are still using tanks to store hydrogen, so they make smaller tanks for the hydrogen and use less. Hydrogen has more energy per mass than gasoline. The future is storing hydrogen in and using to produce hydrogen.

Comment Re:Most Computer Scientists are trade professional (Score 2) 219

I suppose... Honestly, I think that computer programming should be taught more like a trade in a trade school with apprenticeships. My training from the university was so academically focused, that I had to re-educate myself for working in the profession. The university professors probably never had to work a corporate job in their lives to have to solve any real-world problems.

Comment This is a huge lie, the garbage patch is invisible (Score 1) 149

There is no photograph real of this pacific garbage patch, because according to the people claiming it to exist it is made from microscopic plastic particles. The article uses a photograph that is commonly associated with this "garbage patch" which is cannot be proven to exist. "The patch is characterized by exceptionally high relative concentrations of pelagic plastics, chemical sludge and other debris that have been trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre.[2] Despite its enormous size and density (4 particles per cubic meter), the patch is not visible from satellite photography, nor is it necessarily detectable to casual boaters or divers in the area, as it consists primarily of a small increase in suspended, often microscopic particles in the upper water column." Yet whenever there is a new story about this garbage patch they use photos like this: from article This photo is from a river not the pacific ocean. We are being lied to.

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