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Journal Journal: Despair (again)

OK, I'm really beginning to despair about some of the students in the Digital Cameras class. Smoe of them are totally new to comptuers, but they're not the problem. There are students here who take computeing course here at other times, and they're having problems as they're getting stuck at this that they should already know.
I'm reasonably sure that they should already have been told about saving files to their network space, and that My Documents doesn't work for saving files (DeepFreeze). But they seem totally lost in things that I'm sure they should already know.

yes, I know we all needed guiding when first starting out with computers but some of these have been studying here for about 2 years.


Journal Journal: Damned red-tape

One of the PCs has packed in at work. At least, it's the hard drive that's gone.
All it needs is a new drive.

Only, we have a service agreement with the council department we use the classroom computers from. And all the corresponding red-tape.

Finally, I got in touch with the Council's service-desk, who've sent someone out. Only all they've sent out it one of their tech-guys to make sure that the drive really is before contacting SCC who can supply the hard disc.

Dammit! If we didn't have this red-tape I'd have asked for a drive from the College main-site, and had it fixed myself in half an hour last week.!

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