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Comment: Unintentional Geoengineering (Score 1) 332

On a side note, can you imagine the United Nations agreeing to a planetary geoengineering plan? I can't.

Yes I can, actually. And they will. The question is, how many billions of people are going to die before this happens. Climate change is occurring, this is a hard fact. Most times in nature, change doesn't precipitate gradual linear effects, but rather a tipping point where things happen very rapidly. Sooner or later, we are going to cross an environmental tipping point, and you will see some sudden massive flooding or crop failure and a lot of people will die.Hopefully, not too many, but I suspect that it is going to be a lot. You might even see some wars of extermination fought over critical resources, such as potable water supplies.

The simple fact is, people cannot continue their current behavior. The way you live with a planetary population of 1 billion isn't the same when you have a planetary population of 10 billion. Either we will come to some global consensus about how we will fix this problem, or vast numbers of people will die and the population will be reduced to the point where change isn't needed. Nature will 'find its level' in any event.

Comment: Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye (Score 1) 211

by TiggertheMad (#48422433) Attached to: Congress Suggests Moat, Electronic Fence To Protect White House
I think you are on to something here....non-lethal and entertaining. Helps keeps the president safe and is good fun in the process.

Perhaps the moat is something to build inside the White-house fence, but then fill it with balls, and you have the national ball pit. We could mount automatic sentry turrets on the fence that are armed with Nerf ammo, with the idea that anyone trying to jump the fence will get hit with a barrage of Nerf darts as a warning.

Comment: I compute, therefore I am. (Score 1) 317

On the flip side, which is more likely to follow orders to execute unarmed civilians who have been lined up along a wall: 1. A carefully programmed and thoroughly tested robot. 2. An 18 year old soldier, who has a conscious and is unwilling to murder people even if he has been ordered to. I am pretty sure that any killer robots need to be WAY better than humans before you even think about handing them a gun. You had better think out the repercussions of building such a machine before you even try.

Comment: I bid $10 (Score 0) 119

by TiggertheMad (#48412735) Attached to: US Marshals Auctioning $20M Worth of Silk Road's Bitcoins
It is interesting that they have to auction off bit coins as property; if it was considered currency, it would probably just get deposited to a federal bank account. It will be an interesting auction, as it should go for 20 million - expected reasonable exchange rate fluctuation - the 'This is going to cost me time and money to purchase' hassle cost.

Basically it will be a bunch of people playing chicken to see who will be willing to take the least profit margin for winning.

Comment: misogynists on the intarwebz? WHAT U SAY? (Score 0) 827

by TiggertheMad (#48358343) Attached to: How To End Online Harassment

I'm quite sure there are crazed misogynists out there.....

Ok sorry, you just lost all your credibility for this post, because you don't seem to have done any prerequisite reading on this subject before pushing the submit button, The people that are triggering this debate are being incredibly abusive and awful to women, simply because they dared to express an opinion online that doesn't align with the troll's opinion. If that doesn't meet the criteria for being a misogynist, what does? Do you have to start stabbing women before you are worthy of the title?

This discussion isn't about calling someone an asshole because they have an opinion that differs from you. The sort of behavior that is being discussed is really extreme, and is being displayed by a small but highly vocal minority of people. These are really toxic people, and not run of the mill jerks you find all over the place.

Comment: *BLUB* (Score 1, Troll) 161

by TiggertheMad (#48338469) Attached to: Florida-Based Magic Leap Builds Its Team With Bay Area Hires
I would hope that a company with a half a billion dollars in spending money would have more sense than than to put down stakes in a region that might well be underwater in 20 years. Anyone moving TO south Florida at this point is mentally deficient, or a climate change denier who is really drinking the kool-aid.

Comment: Re:OMFG, are you paid by the word? (Score 1) 451

by TiggertheMad (#48327069) Attached to: Ken Ham's Ark Torpedoed With Charges of Religious Discrimination
So enough verbal foreplay already, you had me at 'Liberal Democrat'. Are you going post your address so I can mail you pictures of my cock and we can get this lemon party started, or you another one of these shy,'I'm not actually a closeted self-hating teabagger' types?

For the record I am a power top.

Comment: OMFG, are you paid by the word? (Score 1) 451

by TiggertheMad (#48271169) Attached to: Ken Ham's Ark Torpedoed With Charges of Religious Discrimination

Liberal Democrats are not simple social progressives. The country is run by........

Sorry, could you repeat that? I nodded of during your tangential gibbering about political labeling. You should sell it to people with sleep disorders, you could make a killing.

I see more than the packaged deal. I see more than two parties where the two names are used. I see more than two positions active in our government and in our politics. I see society's sentiments, behaviors, and moods. That you wish to ignore these occludes the reality of our recent history and our modern struggles to your view.

I see someone who starts sentences with 'I see...' way too much. I see someone who wants to replace Mr Luther King Jr's speech writers. I see someone who claims to have a worldview that includes a plurality of political interests, and still attributes negative generalizations to 'Liberal Democrats'. In short, I see a pompous ass who loves the sound of his own voice.

Comment: Stupid is as stupid types (Score 1) 451

by TiggertheMad (#48265153) Attached to: Ken Ham's Ark Torpedoed With Charges of Religious Discrimination
I reiterate that you are a slobbering mouth breather, and now I append the honorific of 'grammar Nazi'. While you have diagrammed your sentence with such skill that freshman English teachers everywhere are getting erections, you overlook that fact that using correct grammar doesn't mean that you have expressed yourself in any clear or elegant fashion.

If your statement was written by someone who had the intellectual capacity of at least a third grader, it my be thus:

"I have the greatest understanding for anyone who wishes to excise from their lives, such views and the people possessing them."

Mind you, your poor sentence structure is the least of your faults. I would point out the generalizations you attribute to 'Liberal Democrats' sound wholly out of character for a people who are normally generalized as socially progressive, and sound more like the statements that might be made by an astroturfing tea party member who secretly follows KKK propaganda.

But by all means, continue attributing your bizarre interpretation of Affirmative action to others, it doesn't sound strange at all. Additional insulting boilerplate I couldn't be bothered with here.

Comment: I am racist against stupid (Score 1) 284

by TiggertheMad (#48264703) Attached to: Skilled Foreign Workers Treated as Indentured Servants

I'm tempted to say that's a first world view. It's a lofty ideal, and might work if the playing field were more level, but when you're incorporating programmers from third world countries, who are looking forward to a subsistence wage in some craphole, it's hard to tell them to go on strike. These people are looking forward to 70 hour weeks (I've seen this, with H-1B workers locally) at lower-middle-class wages, as something that's *still* one hell of a lot better than they came from.

I suspect that attempts to organize will be taken as first worlders trying to save their overly-cushy jobs.

I would support organizing to keep out most Indian programmers, because many of the Indian programmer I have meet are poorly trained coders that produce sub-standard code. But then I don't really care about nationality or race, I just am annoyed by bad coders. Construction unions have differing categories of skill sets that enables you to work on certain types of jobs. Such a system would be good for IT to keep idiots from building database solutions on top of Excell spreadsheets.

Comment: Re:PAY TO CROSS THE TROLL BRIDGE (Score 1) 451

by TiggertheMad (#48262555) Attached to: Ken Ham's Ark Torpedoed With Charges of Religious Discrimination

I will now make explicit commentary about your lack of intelligence and your failure of reading comprehension.

And I will now make a counter commentary about you lack of ability to clearly express your intent without slobbering all over yourself. Perhaps if you could structure your thoughts in a concise fashion you wouldn't appear such a numb witted lout.

Comment: PAY TO CROSS THE TROLL BRIDGE (Score 3, Insightful) 451

by TiggertheMad (#48256299) Attached to: Ken Ham's Ark Torpedoed With Charges of Religious Discrimination

Affirmative action had, at its peak, been the social institution of "blacks are retards with a propensity for not being as smart as anyone, and so they need us to extend a large amount of help to them to elevate them to the level of a human being rather than a chimpanzee."

Interesting, I think most would qualify affirmative action as, "There are a large number of socially conservative idiots in society who will not give minorities a chance because their skin is the wrong color, so we need to pass laws to make ignorant racists give them a chance to pull themselves out of poverty". A person of any race of can achieve anything, but only when given a chance to try.

You are making veil threats about killing liberals for their views, so I am having trouble taking anything you are saying at face value. Why haven't you been flagged as a troll yet?

Comment: ...And you are why I called his interview stupid. (Score 1) 583

by TiggertheMad (#48245005) Attached to: Elon Musk Warns Against Unleashing Artificial Intelligence "Demon"

Well it's not stupid to assume an AI or alien would perceive humans as a threat. And it's not stupid to assume that AI, or aliens for that matter, would eliminate a threat in the most efficient manner possible.

Perhaps it's you who is a bit naive. When have humans ever been at peace? Even our sports are metaphor for war. You shut the fuck up. Until humans can achieve worldwide peace, we better hope that we don't develop AI or meet alien species ... because they will most certainly put us to sleep like dogs with rabies if we dare leave our planetary cage while we are still savages.

blah blah blah....This whole line of thinking that you and Elon are engaging in is silly and pointless. You might as well worry about what kind of aliens we might encounter when we first travel to another galaxy. We are so far from solving intergalactic travel problems (or creating sentient AI) that any fretting and scaremongering is just pointless jibber-jabber. In the meantime, ignorant people (*cough*) who read this article might be unjustifiably worried about nothing, and start to develop a resistance to research in a field that promised to yield many very helpful and practical applications other than violent homicidal killbots.


Comment: Elon Musk, stupid like Jenny McCarthy (Score 2, Interesting) 583

by TiggertheMad (#48241905) Attached to: Elon Musk Warns Against Unleashing Artificial Intelligence "Demon"
Elon Musk is AI's Jenny McCarthy. Jenny is know as a celebrity who shoots off her mouth about the evils of vaccination, when she has no real intellectual or scientific authority to back her beliefs. Essentially she is an uniformed person using her tangential fame to spread her views.

What Elon Musk is doing here is virtually identical. I don't know of any real qualifications that he has that makes him in *any* way qualified to speak on the topic. (CS degree with work in AI? Philosophy degree with a focus on ethics?) Now this is a free country, where any rich asshole can (and will) talk at length about their opinions, but using your celebrity to espouse unfounded opinions is irresponsible.

Case in point: He cites a common trope in fiction, of an uncontrollable evil unleashed on the world which while it may be a parable, but it has no basis in reality. I could just as easily write a short story about summoning a devil, and ushering in a golden age of humanity using its supernatural abilities and cite that as a counter example.

This sort of bullshit opinion piece isn't going to help the real funding and research in the AI field which is still quite young. So, shut the fuck up Elon, and go back to building your RC cars.

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