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Comment: 2nd: you get guns to defend your worthless crap (Score 4, Interesting) 241

by TiggertheMad (#49644981) Attached to: James Comey: the Man Who Wants To Outlaw Encryption
Lol, are you drunk? Most people are not going to pick up their guns an revolt against the government unless one thing happens: The government comes into THEIR town, and tries to take THEIR house/car/money/loved ones. Nobody is going to grab an AK-47 and march on Washington because the feds are reading their e-mail to grandma.

And the feds probably know it too, or else they wouldn't be doing it....

Comment: Heres what I think of this guy: (Score 5, Funny) 241

by TiggertheMad (#49644907) Attached to: James Comey: the Man Who Wants To Outlaw Encryption
James Comey is

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And I'll tell him that again to his FACE!

Comment: Counter-Strike is the lamest eSport in the world (Score 1) 113

by TiggertheMad (#49639607) Attached to: Counter-Strike Finally Gets the League It Deserves
Meh, who cares if CS was 'first', whatever that is worth. The more important fact is that when it came out, it was a crappy looking game compared to everything else that was out at the time, and loaded with cheaters from almost day 1. I honestly didn't know that anyone bothered to play it anymore. If it wasn't 'getting respect', it is probably for a good reason...

Comment: Roger, Over and Out. (Score 1) 309

You are so fucking stupid, it simply hurts. You give a bad name to dumb people. The logical hole in your argument is so huge, I could drive a dump truck though it. Now, most people could understand the logical problem with your claim, so I have honestly wonder if you are just shilling because you are an entertainment lawyer or some other paid big entertainment whore.

Claiming that because there was growth, that the laws aren't stifling creative output, is pointless. Growth might be boosted or stifled by the laws, but you cannot know because YOU HAVE NO BASELINE to compare it to. Shit, you haven't even tried to look at the industry growth vs. population growth. While those stats don't prove (or disprove) your claim about laws, you could see that a industry's 'growth' vs. population growth is might actually be a decline.

Please delete all your accounts, format your computer, and sell it to a homeless Frenchman as a broken etch-a-sketch. You are to dim to be allowed to have an opinion anymore. Please report to the nearest construction site and volunteer as landfill, for which you are actually qualified.

Comment: THATS WHAT A LIBERTARIAN WOULD SAY..... (Score 0) 703

by TiggertheMad (#49580309) Attached to: Pope Attacked By Climate Change Skeptics
The libertarians (among others) are very, very scared of having an honest discussion about those issues, which is why they continually attempt to deny that climate change exists or has an anthropogenic cause. .

That is a interesting generalization, why would a libertarian in particular have a problem with the topic? Is there something in the secret libertarian manual that says that they cannot be honest about global climate change?

Comment: Debate fail, and whoosh! (Score 1) 309

As much music as what? You have nothing to compare it to. You cannot say what the industry would have done if there was no copyright, so the volume of content we have today proves nothing. For we know, we might have twice the content if we had no law getting in the way of creating content. So, sorry, your claim is still worthless.

Comment: Has Hollywood heard about super volcanoes yet? (Score 1) 152

by TiggertheMad (#49541691) Attached to: Yellowstone Supervolcano Even Bigger Than We Realized
When it does erupt again, the humans might be long gone. Or, maybe not.

The real question is, will humans still be here after it erupts....

I was around when St. Helen's blew up, and that was a relatively modest eruption. A super volcano could be extinction event if it is big enough.

Comment: Sifling uncreativity (Score 4, Insightful) 309

How does it stifle creativity? If you reuse copyright material you aren't being very creative.

Oh really? Go listen to Paul's Boutique by the Beastie Boys and say that again with a straight face. Huge chunks of that album are samples and remixes, and it is a rather famous example of how creative you can get reusing copyrighted material.

There are all sorts of works of art that are based off of using other people's creations in even more direct ways. Weird Al has been creating pop music parodies for decades that are based on other people's material, he seems pretty creative. Look at Johnny Cash's cover of the song 'Hurt', originally recorded by Trent Reznor. It was so good that Trent himself said that it wasn't his song anymore.And there are literally thousands more examples like these.

Saying that you cannot be creative by re-using other people's work is a very small minded view of art.

Comment: Fear of a dumb planet (Score 1, Interesting) 197

by TiggertheMad (#49523833) Attached to: Concerns of an Artificial Intelligence Pioneer
IAACWAIK (I am a coder with AI knowledge), and I don't fear any sort of sentient machine. I fear a lot of people. Perhaps we should get the dangerous people sorted out first before we start worrying about the sentient free roaming machines that don't exist yet and won't exist for many, many, years.

I mean Christ, what kind of retard is running around worrying about problems that aren't even real? This guy might as well be writing books about how to fight zombies or repel vampires and boogie-men. Entertaining fiction topics to be sure, but a real discussion topic? Elon Musk knows fuck all nothing about AI on the whole, and he is signing this letter because he knows first hand about killer AIs? Elon, you want to save some lives? Get back to making your fucking electric slot cars, because more people will die as a result of carbon induced climate change in the next 100 years than will die as a result of the cast of the movie 'short circut' going berserk.

Shit to be scared of: cancer, heart disease, auto-accidents.

Shit to not be scared of: killer asteroids, ebola, and oh yeah, and homicidal AIs.

People to think of as retards: Elon Musk

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