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Portables (Apple)

+ - iPhone Frustrates Forensics Experts->

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Thyamine writes: "There's a story on Wired talking about the potential difficulties in retrieving evidence from the iPhone, which makes sense as it's 'new' and the experts aren't familiar with it yet. Then they go on to talk about how OS X is a closed system, and that the iPhone is evil. As opposed to what? Windows? Which is of course completely open? While I'm new to my own Mac, my understanding is that underneath it's a *nix. Are these 'experts' just making excuses for why they don't want to learn non-Windows systems, or are there truly fundamental problems with retrieving forensic data from Apple hardware/software? (Yay for privacy if it's true!)"
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+ - Wikipedia Slashdot Entry Vandalized

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Thyamine writes: "I was just reading through random entries in Wikipedia, and came across an article that linked to the slashdot [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slashdot] entry. I decided to visit it and see what someone might have had to say, only to find that the entry has been 'updated' by someone who no doubt isn't all too happy with you (us?). It's full of text that just repeats: ITS CRAPFLOOD TIME!! — - — > over and over again. The discussion section doesn't make note of it, and it says the last edit date was today. Is it possible that no one has mentioned this to you or them yet?"

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