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+ - Smartphones, Open Source, and the Small Office

Submitted by Thunderstruck
Thunderstruck (210399) writes "I work in a small office with just two computers. Both machines run long-term-service releases of Ubuntu, with Gnome, and Evolution for scheduling, contact management and electronic mail. We plan to stick with Linux long-term. For telephone service, we're using smartphones. In order to keep everything straight, we need phones that can synchronize easily with the calendars and contact data on each owner's desktop machine. We cannot use cloud based services for this function due to ethics rules, and for security reasons. Right now, we do all of this with older PALM phones, but these are a dying breed. What options are out there right now for phones that will sync with Evolution (or another good Linux PIM suite) which do not require data to go through the cloud first?"

+ - Dirt makes people happy!

Submitted by Thunderstruck
Thunderstruck (210399) writes "New research from the UK seems to confirm what most of us have known since childhood. Getting dirty makes us happy. According to the study, mice exposed to certain bacteria common in most soils were more relaxed. The effect was similar to that produced by antidepressant drugs. The same effect may be present in humans. The article does not discuss whether anyone will be able to wring a patent out of this. More details can be found here. Was President Jefferson correct when he extolled the virtues of putting one's "hands in the soil?""

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