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Comment: Plainly stupid (Score 2) 795

by Thundercleets (#41790507) Attached to: Cringley: H-1B Visa Abuse Limits Wages and Steals US Jobs
BillWG in his greed is trying to create a self fulfilling prophecy. Look at the state of CS at US universities. CS has gone from being a major pillar of many universities back to nothing but a math curiosity. Who would want to spend 60k on getting a degree so you could struggle against some foreign worker with made up credentials to be paid less then most executive assistants. If the politicians don't do anything about the visa abuse and rein in outsourcing you can kiss IT goodbye in the US.

Comment: Outsourcing and visa abuse (Score 2, Informative) 608

by Thundercleets (#33829124) Attached to: Flat Pay Prompts 1 In 3 In IT To Consider Jump
It and engineering pay has suffered badly because of outsourcing and visa abuse. According to Love to Know here: http://jobs.lovetoknow.com/Facts_and_Figures_on_Outsourcing It seems that if the Obama administration was to take job creation seriously and curb outsourcing of American jobs to cheap foreign contractor slavers it would save close to 1.5 million jobs for Americans. Most of those in IT are familiar by now with the visa abuse that takes place in the US. Many unscrupulous companies are playing games and pulling stunts to meet even the lax standards setup for foreign nationals to obtain work visas in the US. If the Obama administration were again to take job creation seriously then they could come up with almost 5 million US jobs by simply denying visas per the US State Department. http://www.travel.state.gov/pdf/FY09AnnualReport_TableXVII.pdf

Comment: The more the merrier (Score 2, Insightful) 184

by Thundercleets (#32617104) Attached to: Afghan Tech Minerals — Cure, Curse, Or Hype?
If you stop to think about it what purpose does the Iraq and Afghanistan wars serve the US? It is not about "Democratization" as some have said as both countries have been allowed to reform under demagogues. Iraq could have been about oil but the PRC has most of the contracts. It could be about Billions to be made by insider contractions "servicing" the war.

Comment: What2Do? (Score 1, Interesting) 460

by Thundercleets (#31035710) Attached to: Can You Trust Chinese Computer Equipment?
It was more or less common knowledge that in China (as I'm sure it must be elsewhere) that if the military saw a technology it liked it would just take it. If anyone at the factory complained they became organ doners. If the IP owner complained they usually ran into delivery problems, workers strikes or were just kicked out. Think of Lucent's fiber optics fiasco and the observation that most Chinese domestic router manufacturers seem to use router code that looks suspiciously like IOS. It goes without saying that this also applied not just to things that were taken out of a factory but also to things that were brought in. If this were a real concern which it should be, then the different governments who should be concerned about it should implement a standard where this kind of thing is checked for and those clearing it bear a seal of some type. Considering the way the PRC is buying campaigns in the US I doubt it will happen here.

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