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Comment: I don't think you understand the definition (Score 5, Funny) 1067 1067

Division by zero - how many times does zero go into a number?

100.0 / 0 = 3
402350.32302 / 0 = 3
pi / 0 = infinity
1942 / 0 = 0
194.3 / 0 = 0
101 / 0 = 1
1010 / 0 = 2
200.02 / 0 = 3
4004004 / 0 = 4

Somebody please submit a RFP for this to C++17 standards committee.

Comment: brawl of the nanocentury! (Score 2) 22 22

Coming this Sunday! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!
In the Extra-LARGE Nanocage!

The Maryland University Laboratory for Physical Sciences -vs- DWave!
in an no-holds barred entangled deathmatch!

1QB -vs- zombEinstein

NIST -vs- Hal Puthoff
in a teleportation race for the cash!

and a special guest appearance by Oderus Urungus singing the National Anthem before the show

general seating only $11.11 at the door
BE THERE! or maybe not.

Comment: who said you have to have a job? (Score 1) 367 367

Whatever happened to automation leading to a leisuretopia with a five-hour work week?
Oh, right, the people buying the robots that are replacing workers are keeping all the productivity gains 100% for themselves.

In a rational society, we would have a robot tax.
In our society we pit the eroding middle-class against the poors and lock up more people than we can afford to.

Don't put me in a cage for taking bread from your yacht.

Every program is a part of some other program, and rarely fits.