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Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 1) 118

There used to be a web page called "Your Eyes Suck at Blue". You might find it on the Wayback machine.

You can tell the luminance of each individual channel more precisely than you can perceive differences in mixed color. This is due to the difference between rod and cone cells. Your perception of the color gamut is, sorry, imprecise. I'm sure that you really can't discriminate 256 bits of blue in the presence of other, varying, colors.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 5, Insightful) 118

Rather than abuse every commenter who has not joined your specialty on Slashdot, please take the source and write about what you find.

Given that CPU and memory get less expensive over time, it is no surprise that algorithms work practically today that would not have when various standards groups started meeting. Ultimately, someone like you can state what the trade-offs are in clear English, and indeed whether they work at all, which is more productive than trading naah-naahs.

Comment At the University of Alberta (Score 2) 239

(...as of about 8-9 years ago) The psych department had its own stats class, taught by a psych professor. You couldn't get an exemption if you had a high-level statistics course under your belt already, they insisted that psych stats were 'special' somehow, and needed to be taught differently.

If by 'special', you mean 'less rigorous' and 'taught by people that literally don't understand the definition of a function', then yes, the classes were special, and failed to prepare the students in any significant way for good statistical analysis.

I'm sure the story is the same at many universities.

Comment Re:At least a call girl is honest (Score 5, Insightful) 440

Let me tell you a true story of a guy I know.

He and his wife had a child, and afterwards, she lost interest in sex. Her desire never came back, and that was it. He still loved her and she still loved him, but he wanted to have sex. So he did the 'right thing' and divorced her. Now, their story isn't so bad. He divorced her and it was amicable enough, he still visits almost every day (they live down the street from one another) but they live in different homes.

My first advice to that guy would've been to have a consensual open relationship, but absent that possibility, I think that maybe having 'an affair' would've been a better solution than divorce. The result would've been nearly exactly the same (he doesn't even want a relationship with the women he sleeps with), but they wouldn't have had to live in different locations.

Your view of infidelity and relationships isn't wrong, but it's somewhat incomplete. I can easily come up with a slightly worse case for this--they could've been living in the USA, for instance (they're in the UK). That would've meant that she would've lost any health coverage that he brought to the family through his employment. You can modify this scenario subtly in a lot of ways to make it worse, and sometimes the least bad option is going to be cheating on your partner so you can stay married and in the same house and sane so you can raise your kids properly.

As someone that's consensually non-monogamous, this is all just abstract philosophy to me--I think there's too much emphasis put on sexual fidelity in the first place, and not enough on emotional support and availability. You can be monogamous with someone and still be a wholly shitty partner to them.

So don't be too quick to judge the people that were paying for memberships on the site. Some portion of them are CPOS (cheating pieces of shit, in Savage Love parlance), but some of them are almost certainly people (and, according to the analysis, almost certainly men) that want to stay married but can't live in a sexless marriage anymore, or want to explore other parts of their sexuality that their partner can't provide. You don't know the story.

Comment Re:Complete bullshit (Score 3, Insightful) 269

The People really don't want one either. People don't really want to know what is being done in their name by politicians, or else they would be pissed off. Plausible deniability. It is how many Germans ignored the Nazis.

To know, would require a person of any amount of conscience to act.

Comment Re:Risk Tolerance not that High (Score 1) 95

I live in the Netherlands, and while some of the things you describe happen here too, education is improving here. Not because of improved teaching methods, although there have been some innovations like interactive schoolboards and the use of the internet for finding information, but mostly because we set minimal levels of the skills teachers need to have. And still there is always a call for better, faster and radically different education. But nobody ever seems to care about why this is necessary and what good education is. Also, new methods that are tried out are not eveluated and our governments don't have long-term visions about education. Our current gouvernment doesn't have any vision about any subject, and therefore reacts to any stimulans (like accidents, disasters but also good things) with unnecessary new laws. What our education system needs most at the moment is a government that does nothing about it.

Comment Re:attention (Score 1) 135

Racist Xenophobic conversations would be something I would engage in, not because I was either. It is more interesting to troll the stupid idiots spewing crap, than it is listening to conversations about LeBron or Kardashians.

I could have a shit ton of fun with that.

Comment Re:Cyanogenmod has gone downhill a bit (Score 1) 84

The CM Micromax Deal was dreadfully short sighted. While they gained Micromax, they pissed off a whole bunch of people. I would be on ColorOS if it weren't for a missing single feature I use regularly, single button screenshot. If they add that, I'll be off CM for good.

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