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Comment: WILDCAT IS ON TEH SPOKE (Score 1) 317

by Thud457 (#49278613) Attached to: Microsoft Is Killing Off the Internet Explorer Brand
OMFG have you seen the new Microsoft web browser demo it's like slow and it's telling you all the stuff you did in the first one then the music kicks in and and clippy comes out and gets a gun the earf is on fire and clippy is like fuck this im jumping and HE JUMPS PUT OF TEH INTERWEB with angels singing and he lands on the bad guys and that annoying ai lady is like GO GET EM TIGER! WILDCAT IS ON TEH SPOKE!!!~`1 and theres less polys but rawkin bumb mappings you can view this on a special MICROSOFT xbox disk that comes with EB games store.

Comment: replaced by a shell script. a simple shell script (Score 1) 80

by Thud457 (#49270621) Attached to: SXSW: Do Androids Dream of Being You?

"Yes, an electronic brain," said Frankie, "a simple one would suffice."
"A simple one!" wailed Arthur.
"Yeah," said Zaphod with a sudden evil grin, "you'd just have to program it to say What? and I don't understand and Where's the tea? Who'd know the difference?"
"What?" cried out Arthur, backing away still farther.

There's no future in time travel.