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Comment Re:Am I the only guy here that likes G+? (Score 1) 152 152

> Why the hell did it not catch on like FB?

Because when people are posting pics/messages to their friends on facebook they clearly don't care about privacy. The idiot problem...well, it's not a problem because you only see your friends, so it doesn't matter how many idiots are outside your network. It's Google+ that's full of idiots; whenever i follow a link (exclusively android developers because no-one else provides links to google+ pages) it's full of drivel from idiots, often religious, always with terrible english, like they're learning to type. I don't notice any ads on facebook. I'm not really a very heavy user; perhaps there are some, but there are adverts on tv/movies/websites so people are kind of used to them. Animated gifs? Get real.

When you come along years and years after someone else and do something sort of similar but different and with zero users, it's asking a bit much to expect people to sort of arrange for all their family and friends to move, and they'd have to get all their family and friends to move, etc. A massive upheaval, and all in the name of..what was it again? Animated gifs, and that it's "more in tune with your phone" whatever the fuck that means.

MySpace was the purest of shit; more like a sort of GeoCities "this is my first webpage...on the internet....under construction" hell. I'm no Facebook fanboy; i never post anything publicly and have an account for 2 reasons; messenger is excellent (and works properly, unlike hangouts where, when i try and share something with someone forgets what i've shared there and i have to do it again), and because literally everyone with an internet connection is already on it so i don't have to explain anything.

Comment (Score 1) 368 368

They wanted to drop water but couldn't because of the drones. Why, they were afraid they'd damage the drones in putting out a fire? Solution, drop water on the drones.

I imagine jamming the drones signals wouldn't be hard. Also, if this is something that's a persistant problem which can't be ignored, then i imagine a solution would be for the first responders to launch their own drones to take down the bad guy's. They would have a remote pilot so no need for the people doing the fire-fighting to waste resources.

Comment Re:Priveledge (Score 0) 727 727

I didn't realize parents giving their children some of the money they've earned is a problem, but I guess I'm wrong and it's up there with institutional racism, lack of parity in pay between sexes etc.

Remind me; why is it a problem, again? And what's it got to do with you, anyway? Are you jealous?

Comment Re:The Kitchen Sink (Score 1, Interesting) 208 208

> Just because Mozilla is "cool" doesn't make it okay to pay vastly under market value for their employee's
> services

Why are people working for less than their market value? If there are genuine reasons, don't you think those reasons lower their market value? Perhaps they want to work for a non-profit. There's plenty of other places they could be working (if they're any good).

Comment Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 1) 385 385

> Agree, but they should have had a much better response prepared

No, doesn't matter what "the response" is. They're firing someone, effective immediately. You don't worry about what the users think.

"It's like if you suddenly fire the company rep that your main customer has been dealing with exclusively for years. You don't just call them up and say "hey, Joe's no longer with us, we'll get back to you in a bit about his replacement.""

It's like that except the "main customer" doesn't give you any money, but acts like they're shareholder or they're on the board or something. Like a kid in his dad's suit, greased back hair. "I'm not happy with this situation! Why wasn't I told earlier". You can imagine the people who run reddit watching the drama and thinking "who the fuck do these entitled cretins think they are? Uh..yeah, put out a statement, say "we're sorry, we...uh...yeah, could have handled it better. Sounds like we're sorry but really we don't give a fuck and would do the same thing next time".

We don't know what "Joe" did. Assuming it was something terrible enough to get him frogmarched out of the building, you're just unhappy with the string of characters submitted to the customer to explain that he's no longer around? That's the beef?

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