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Comment: Re: The GUI is so monumentally fucked up (Score 0, Troll) 438

by Threni (#49143423) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem

I left when they ran a "story" about Indian food delivery. Has it improved yet? I see they've not changed the stupid name. For all its faults, I see no reason to drop Slashdot for a site that looks worse than slashbdot did 15 years ago, fewer stories and less than 1000 readers.

Comment: Re: TrueCrypt is not open source software. (Score 1) 112

by Threni (#49101179) Attached to: TrueCrypt Audit Back On Track After Silence and Uncertainty

You're confusing open source and free. It's open source. You can see the source, use it, change it, and fork it, subject to certain restrictions, such as not calling it Truecrypt. Seems fair to me. Whether this or that distro has decided to include it or not tells us very little.

Comment: Re:Heh. (Score 2) 78

by Threni (#49099895) Attached to: Australian ISPs To Introduce '3-Strike' Style Anti-piracy Scheme

What "VPN industry"? To the extent it exists at all it's just tiny. And they're going to get legislated out of existence around the world in the next few years. No government - driven by the twin demands of the US government (ok, and their own security services) - and a reactionary, right wing media (following the rules of its wealthy, right wing proprieters, who've invested in and therefore benefit from large corporations who are all in bed with most western governments because they don't need to pay tax that way) - will allow people to communicate in private because "that's what terrorists do" (and people who want to challenge/change the above)

Comment: Re:Doxxing is an act of intimidation (Score 1) 240

by Threni (#49057151) Attached to: Notorious 8chan Board Has History Wiped After Federal Judge's Doxing

At the point a judge sentences someone, the criminal has already done a bunch of bad things knowing full well they're going to get a long punishment. Very few of them will want to take it out on the judge, unless they believe the case was handled unfairly. It's much more likely the they'll want to get back at the police who - even if the criminal WAS a criminal and did most of the things they were accused of - possibly threatened the criminals family (girlfriend/wife usually) if they didn't confess to their and/or other people's crimes.

Comment: Ditching Samsung, not Google apps. (Score 1) 148

by Threni (#49055077) Attached to: Report: Samsung Replacing Its Apps With Microsoft's For Galaxy S6

They're ditching Samsung - not Google - apps for Microsoft ones. So it's just a different sort of crapware. It'll get uninstalled before too long, or not used. It does nothing to bridge the gap between Android and Windows Mobile or whatever its called (I don't even care any more). Nothing to see here.

Comment: Re:To me the Microsoft comparison can't be more cl (Score 1) 271

by Threni (#49051627) Attached to: Peak Google: The Company's Time At the Top May Be Nearing Its End

> but you can buy a perfectly capable Android tablet for half the price of an iPad right now if you
> don't mind a clunkier UI.

I've got the (now retired) Nexus 10, running lollipop. Before that, kitkat. What's clunky about either of them. I find it much easier to use than an iPad.

Comment: Re:To me the Microsoft comparison can't be more cl (Score 1) 271

by Threni (#49051593) Attached to: Peak Google: The Company's Time At the Top May Be Nearing Its End

LOL! You're 100% right, except in the eyes of the shareholders, and consumers. They're (almost) literally printing money:

US technology giant Apple has reported the biggest quarterly profit ever made by a public company.

Apple reported a net profit of $18bn (£11.8bn) in its fiscal first quarter, which tops the $15.9bn made by ExxonMobil in the second quarter of 2012, according to Standard and Poor's.

You're saying that they were making more money before 1999, and that's when they started going downhill? Perhaps you're just talking about your own opinion?

I have hardly ever known a mathematician who was capable of reasoning. -- Plato