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Comment: Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 1) 380 380

> Agree, but they should have had a much better response prepared

No, doesn't matter what "the response" is. They're firing someone, effective immediately. You don't worry about what the users think.

"It's like if you suddenly fire the company rep that your main customer has been dealing with exclusively for years. You don't just call them up and say "hey, Joe's no longer with us, we'll get back to you in a bit about his replacement.""

It's like that except the "main customer" doesn't give you any money, but acts like they're shareholder or they're on the board or something. Like a kid in his dad's suit, greased back hair. "I'm not happy with this situation! Why wasn't I told earlier". You can imagine the people who run reddit watching the drama and thinking "who the fuck do these entitled cretins think they are? Uh..yeah, put out a statement, say "we're sorry, we...uh...yeah, could have handled it better. Sounds like we're sorry but really we don't give a fuck and would do the same thing next time".

We don't know what "Joe" did. Assuming it was something terrible enough to get him frogmarched out of the building, you're just unhappy with the string of characters submitted to the customer to explain that he's no longer around? That's the beef?

Comment: Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 1) 380 380

Yeah, good luck with that. Let's come back in a couple of weeks time and see how different reddit it. My money is on - no different in any way whatsoever. And all the whiners will still be there. Users, eh? Never happy.

Comment: Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 1) 380 380

They don't know why she was fired, right? But they want her back? Is that it? The internal, human resources issues aren't the concern of non-employees. They want reddit to OK their decisions with non-employees? To tip them off? "Keep this quiet, but we're going to fire someone in a couple of weeks; can you start arranging AMAs with this other person instead?". What a joke.

Comment: Re: Surprise! (Score 1) 389 389

The casual racism. I probably come from oversees relative to you. Am I bad? Are you? What does it mean? Does it only work for one country? Sounds like religious bollocks too; the religion I happened to have been born into is the only true one; the others are evil. It's just simplistic bullshit for uneducated peasants, isn't it.

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