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That's an apologist attitude: his conduct was why he got abuse, not his stand. Or is that not clear to you? It's the same reason people detest Rush Limbaugh because he's a bully. Again, the absolutely worst person you could have brought up was Jack Thompson when it comes to violence in video games.

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> No doubt, history is filled with all kinds of evil misogyny, racism, and homophobia..

History, yes. It was all addressed satisfactorily a long time ago. That's why you never hear about black people dying younger than white people, for example, or being over-represented in prison; why there are so many females in the boardroom, and pay is equal etc. I'm not sure why people are complaining all the time - everything is fine.

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Whatever. His conduct and his statements were not that of a reasonable person. It's one thing to argue against violence in video games but his tirades includes personal attacks on everyone. For example when Thompson reneged on a $10,000 donation to charity, Penny Arcade emailed him about it and called him out on his hypocrisy. So they donated the money themselves as Thompson said he wouldn't do it. Thompson then sent a complaint to the Seattle police to arrest the members for "extortion".

Actually, Jack Thompson is the worst person that the movement could use as a spokesperson.

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When Jack Thompson brought up all the killing in video games and said they were bad he was run out of town. Slashdot and the whole of the gaming community rejoiced. But now that the focus is on women it is all of a sudden something worth considering.

That's some revisionist history there. Jack Thompson wasn't run out of town because he opposed violent games. He was run out of the legal profession because his conduct was unprofessional, uncivil, and harassing towards opposing counsel and judges. He made unsubstantiated claims against others, outright lies, and never responded to questions asked by courts.

For example, in Strickland v Sony, he was granted temporary permission to practice law (pro hac vice) in Alabama as his licensed state is Florida. Normally this is a procedural formality when a lawyer wants to take on a case in another state. Part of the pro hac vice application to the Alabama Bar specifically asks if the lawyer has had any disbarment proceedings (question 8) and any suspension proceedings (question 9) and to list them. Thompson responded "None, but please see the attached letter" to both. In the attached letter, Thompson described how he had been reprimanded 13 years earlier. Thompson however failed to mention that the case 13 years ago involved disbarment and suspension proceedings. Because of this and Thompson violated a gag order, Judge Moore revoked Thompson's pro hac vice status; he was no longer on the case. Despite being thrown off the case, Thompson continue to send emails and faxes to the court about the case for at least 2 years afterwards.

During that same case, Thompson harassed the lawyers of Blank Rome, the law firm representing Sony. Now it's one thing to oppose counsel in court but he attacked the lawyers including the gender of one of the attorneys. He also accused the law firm of participating in pornography and killing of police officers.

In an unrelated case, Thompson went after Al Cardenas, a partner in Tew Cardenas by accusing him of pornography, racketeering, and other criminal activity. What was the relationship between Cardenas and Thompson? As crazy as it sounds, almost none. Beasley Broadcasting Group owned a number of radio stations, and Thompson had issues with their programming. Normally their lawyer Norman Kent dealt with Thompson, and his dealings led to the point where Kent sued and won $50,000 from Thompson for defamation. Beasley also had Tew Cardenas on their retainer for other legal matters. Kent and Tew Cardenas had no relationship other than they represented the same company on different legal matters. Al Cardenas was a partner in Tew Cardenas but did not work the Beasley account. The attacks on Al Cardenas started one week when Norman Kent was out of town and did not respond to Thompson's letters and demands immediately.

These are the reason why Thompson was run out of the legal profession; not his stand, but his conduct.

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These days the instruction set matters less than the underlying chip architecture than customization. With this, ARM has an advantage in that their business model allows for higher degree of customization. While some companies can work with Intel or AMD on their designs, for the most part, ARM allows them to change the design as much as they need depending on the licensing.

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I think the ado about systemd is more about Linux people who think that Linux should be hard to use except for a small elite and do not want the OS to be useful to less technically adept users.

If by "less technically adept users" you mean ordinary PC users who are being encouraged to adopt the Linux desktop, there is no reason that the init process has to be changed to woo them, because such users won't ever touch the system internals anyway, whether they be sysvinit or systemd.

If by "less technically adept users" you mean people with some command-line skills but who are not yet Unix wizards, well, arguably systemd makes things more difficult for them. One of the biggest reasons systemd adoption has pissed people off is that for the systemd devs, documentation is at best an afterthought. The API has changed significantly over the last couple of years, but most documentation one can find on the internet is now out of date, and it has not been replaced with docs for the current state of systemd. sysvinit, on the other hand, is extremely well documented from a number of sources, and the technology remains accessible to anyone with some bash skills.

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