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Comment Re:I have a solution (Score 1) 412

Choose to not give a fuck about copyright, or use those works that should be in the public domain and don't give a fuck about anyone else's hangups.

It's not about the stuff that's already available to the public, it's about the stuff shelved in some store-room, waiting to see the light of day. Not many will go through the immense effort of digitizing such media if there is no incentive (monetary or otherwise) in doing so. I'm guessing a lot of unreleased stuff is irrevocably lost because of such issues with copyright.

Comment Pretty standard, really. (Score 1) 396

There already exist both commercial and non-commercial anti-virus applications that run on Linux (Wikipedia has a list) which mainly target Windows viruses passing through corporate networks. Some anti-virus solutions target native viruses (virii?), but most are quickly obsoleted via updates anyways. I suspect this is what the Dept. of Education is asking for, and it's not unreasonable.


iPad Just Another TV Set? 270

An anonymous reader writes "An iPad is just another TV set, and can be viewed just like an extra outlet. These are the words Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) has thrown toward content providers as demand for consumer viewing keeps shifting to more available sources like Roku, Apple TV, and the iPad, over providers like Netflix, and Hulu, and now Cable TV. Programmers are throwing down the gauntlet as more devices are able to stream video from a variety of providers."

Was the Early Universe 2 Dimensional Spacetime? 309

astroengine writes "According to two theoretical physicists, our current four-dimensional Universe (3 dimensions of space, 1 dimension of time) is actually an evolution from a lower-dimensional state. The early Universe may have existed with just one spatial dimension (plus one time dimension) up until the Universe cooled below an energy state of 100 TeV. At this point, a transition occurred when the spatial dimension "folded" to create 2 dimensions. At 1 TeV, it folded again to create the Universe we know today: 3 dimensions of space, one of time. This may sound like a purely theoretical study, but there might be evidence of the evolution of universal dimensions in cosmic ray measurements and, potentially, in gravitational wave cut-off frequency."

Comment Re:Shocking (Score 3, Informative) 479

This whole thing is even more crazy if you take in account that Nokia shelled out more than $400 million for two assets (Symbian and Qt/Trolltech) which are now pushed into irrelevance. Nokia even open-sourced the entire Symbian operating system under the EPL, a huge move unlike what has been done by any company, only to dissolve the Symbian foundation after Mr. Elop joined the company.

What's more, Symbian and Windows phone are not perfect replacements. As some other posters have noted, the hardware requirements for Windows Phone are egregiously high, whilst Symbian is known to be frugal with hardware requirements because it was built from the ground-up to be an operating system for low-power devices. The user-interfaces are radically different.

The main issue with Symbian is that it was hard to develop for. This was supposed to be resolved with Qt, but now what? Nobody will develop for a platform that's going to eventually die.

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