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Comment Re:Trolls do dis-service to Russians (Score 1) 276

Neo-Fashists? There are NO neo-fashists in Russia. Half of them decided that Russians are "Mongolo-Katsaps" with spoiled genetics and must die. This half went to Ukraine to fight against Mongolo-Katsaps and for European values. The second one decided that their Russian people and Russia is Aryan and Uber Alles and went to Donbass to fight against the first part. So even the Russian neo-nazi sites have been closed. And while I hate Nazism I know both sides fight quite heroically.

Comment Re:It's very real (Score 0) 276

Really I have enough proof of Russian involvement in the conflict: about 5 per cent of rebels are Russian citizens. But I still have no conclusive proof of Russian, rebel or Ukrainian involvement specifically in MH-17. I have only questions, maybe you know the answers?

1) Why Dnepropetrovsk air control sent MH-17 to the war zone?
2) What was the UFO seen by Russian air control near the MH-17?
3) Why nobody has seen a starting BUK? (It weights 1 ton, roars as a hell full of devils and produces a pillar of smoke from the launcher to the target - in daytime and on the territory where every second phone has a camera)
4) Why the locals told that bodies smelled formaldehyde and had no running blood while cockpit was bloodstained?
5) There are rumors that there were unusually low number of mourners. Is it true?

Comment Re:It's very real (Score 1) 276

You mean a woman in SPb that had not received her 30 silver pieces from Putinists for trolling contract? Ha-ha-ha.

I don't state that Putin's trolls are not existent. I am just tired as [beep] from trolls from the opposite side. You understand that during 1917-2015 we Russians have trained to ignore the propaganda.

Q: Radio states that there is a plenty of food in Soviet Union, but my fridge is empty.
A: Feed your fridge from the radio.

Comment Re:And? (Score 2) 276

Well, in theory. Russia sort of is a despotic shithole where success means being jailed/murdered so your assets and company can be annexed by one of Putin's business buddies.

You are basically right. Russia is sort of beephole where crablike Putin jails the oligarchs etc. Problem is that the side being jailed is not an angel, too. Especially - if the other side is not only the oligarch but the 5th column too. I had some positive emotions towards jailed Khodorkovski, jailed Bolotnaya square demonstrators etc. Now I have no positive emotions: I've seen what kind of people they are.

Comment Re:It's very real (Score -1, Troll) 276

If you post something about say MH17 and the information about the Russians being involved, all of a sudden the trolls come out about Ukrainian aggression, whores in Kiev etc.

Well, I'd like to hear from you the proof of Russian involvement. Full disclosure: I am Russian and I look at the MH17 quite attentively.

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