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If so, the only difference is that instead of non-renewable Helium they spend non-renewable natural gas.

And they also spend non-renewable energy and minerals to produce the energy sources, be it PV cells or Li-Ion batteries, and the radio itself.

The towers strategically located on the ground would do the same without any need to seed the globe with balloons.

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by Thor Ablestar (#48434753) Attached to: Russia May Be Planning National Space Station To Replace ISS

There IS a problem, the same problem as Hydrogen cars. The Boron hydride fusion spaceship is filled with Boron hydride that is produced chemically from abundant components involving no thermonuclear station. But production of antimatter will need to produce energy and to spend it to production of antimatter.

And the second problem. The higher the exhaust speed the less propellant and the more energy you need. Impulse is m*v and energy spent is 0.5*m*v**2.

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by Thor Ablestar (#48434623) Attached to: Russia May Be Planning National Space Station To Replace ISS

Let us separate exploration where it may be efficient to travel somewhere to collect data and colonization which may be efficient only when there are some resources to be collected. And please don't forget the possibility that Earth may become uninhabitable due to, for instance, efforts of Obama to keep Putin with A-bomb from selling oil for Yuans.

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by Thor Ablestar (#48434403) Attached to: Russia May Be Planning National Space Station To Replace ISS

1. The reason was to determine the percentage of people with Russian as first spoken language, not the national sympathy. There are lots of Russian speaking Ukrainian patriots who hates Russia, Putin and USSR.

2. The lists has been handed out in all Ukraine well before annexation of Crimea.

3. About Russian invaders in Crimea: Sorry, but Crimea (excluding Sevastopol) kept a referendum during USSR dissolution in 1991. The referendum gave 93 per cent for Crimea to be direct constituent of USSR. Nevertheless Ukraine ignored these results and annexed Crimea 4 months later. Sevastopol is the Union property (Similar to Washington DC) and as such excluded from Crimea and it's transfer to Ukraine by Commies, and all the Union property abroad and all the foreign debts of USSR are assumed by Russia by international treaty signed from Ukraine by V.Masol in 1994. Nevertheless, Ukraine annexed Sevastopol and subsequently took money from Russia for it's port. During 1991-2014 Russian language and local self-government has been systematically suppressed in Crimea. As a result, when Ukrainian nationalists came to power during revolt in 2014, angry local Russian-speaking population held a referendum in 2014 and asked Russia for reunification.

If you are English-speaking American, please imagine your own feelings if your state makes Lallans an official language.

4. There are no regular Russian army in Donbass now. Of course there are lots Russian (and not only Russian) volunteers on both sides of conflict but no regular Russian army and no Russian arms supply.

There is a crack in Russian neo-Nazis movement: Some of them are for Russian people and they fight for Donbass, some for Aryan unity and they fight for Ukraine.

And the last: Losses in Donbass conflict are about 1 Pravosek (member of Ukrainian nationalist group) and 10 Ukrainian conscripts from one side, 1 separatist rebel and 10 Donbass civil peoples from other side (There is no conscription on separatist side). Basically it looks like Ukrainian government just tries to kill as many people from BOTH sides as possible. Sorry but the state that violates Geneva convention for protection of civilians should be destroyed, period.

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by Thor Ablestar (#48433563) Attached to: Russia May Be Planning National Space Station To Replace ISS

You study the Soviet life via US propaganda about Soviet propaganda about real Soviet life. Ha-ha. Some Russian jokes for better understanding:

- Sister, please register me to doctor of ear-eye.
- Patient, we have no ear-eye doctor, we have separate ear and eye doctors.
- No, I need an ear-eye doctor. I hear something but see exactly the opposite.

Q: Radio informs that there is plenty in USSR but my fridge is empty. What to do?
A: Power your fridge from your radio.

Q: Why is the Great Soviet Food Production Program named Complex?
A: Complex things consist of real and imaginary parts.

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by Thor Ablestar (#48433261) Attached to: Russia May Be Planning National Space Station To Replace ISS

I see at least 2 breakthrough fusion methods that may work as propulsion energy source. One of them is a cold fusion, other one uses plasma instability to compress boron hydride to plasmoid. The TOKAMAK is possibly total fail. And BTW old good Uranium also just works, it's only the political problem to use it, not technical one.

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by Thor Ablestar (#48423367) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

Problem is NOT the RTG. Problem is the design choice that the lander should anchor during the first contact. The decision that the lander should land and, if necessary, to jump to better place and only then HEAT it's harpoons and melt the surface would save the day. Only minuscule thrusters are needed for it.

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No idea about Alibaba but E-Bay has a dispute system. And when I bought a pack of 18650 batteries 0.25 Ah each instead of at least 2.5 Ah and marked them OK - it's my own problem.

Next time I asked the seller "How many Ah has your 3.0Ah battery?" Answer was "They usually have at least half of that, you understand...". I preferred to buy a cheap notebook battery and disassemble it.

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