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Comment Well, dear Google, (Score 1) 130

I may not reimplement or duplicate your app. I state that my app will be closed in 24 hours after you demonstrate that your app with similar functionality 1) exists, 2) existed before my app (as I believe it's a necessary prerequisite to "reimplement or duplicate") and 3) was accessible for the public so it was possible for me to know beforehand that such app exists. Google Maps does not count since it has no functionality to facilitate the route building.

Comment Re:Morph-a -lot (Score 1) 192

And all the phones will be associated with your SIM and THEY will know that all these phones belong to the owner of this SIM. If you really want to hide yourself you need a SIM not associated with you (you understand what I mean), a modem/phone anonymously bought for exclusive use with this SIM and a computer with some privacy-enhanced OS. And maybe even a modem/phone with SIM plugged to some router, hidden on some roof and contacted via WiFi only since the position of the modem can be easily determined.

Comment No way (Score 1) 192

There is no way to jam the metadata collection (to overload the collection engine) simply because you overload the mail system with a spam in the process. The only way to get rid of metadata collection is some darknet where metadata cannot be collected by design.

Comment In Soviet Russia... (Score 1) 316

Imagine that tomorrow the phrase "Death to the Martians" will become punishable according to the Article 282 of Russian Criminal Codex because the Martians are the social group (for instance, after colonization of Mars).

Imagine that if you place some illegal info, for instance, "Death to the Martians", then the time of this crime is NOT the moment you posted the info that was legal that time but all the time when the info is accessible, even if you have no further control about it's placement.

And now imagine that you posted the phrase 3 years ago, and now the law enforcement needs to show it's efficiency in suppression of terrorism.

Comment Re:Lawyer up (Score 1) 388

I can almost guarantee that if you pay a lawyer to write up a nasty cease and desist order (even if it's kind of BS) than any noise YOU produce will be met with paying a lawyer that would write up a nasty cease and desist order to YOU. Especially if you live in USA. Please understand that if the dog lives there it performs the security function that is necessary for your neighbor, and that it's more expensive for him to move or hire a security than to countersue.

Comment Re:In Russia, you (Score 3, Informative) 94

Kazakhstan basically consists of northern part - Russian Southern Siberia and southern part - Kazakhstan proper - and has been separated from Russia by Stalin in 1936. The northern part was part of Russia and inhabited by Russians during about 400 years after fall of Golden Horde. If you look at Google Maps you see that northern part has mostly Russian names and the southern one - Kazakh ones.

Comment In Soviet Russia, your employer enslaves YOU! (Score 1) 492

You are right. But there are some other factors:

In Soviet Union there was a state policy: The university education is free. If your grades are high enough you even obtain some scholarship money. But after you graduate there is a procedure of "distribution": There is a list of employers pretending to employ the graduates, and the graduates choose the employers. The distribution begins from the best students which can choose the best employers, and then the worst students choose the rest. Then, the employer must give the new worker some place to live and spend efforts for his specialization but the worker must work here 3 years as a payment for his education.

The other state policy was that it was almost impossible to buy an apartment (cooperation and private sector aside). Instead, there was lot of state and employer's place to live rented for the nominal fee - but as a rule with a terribly long waiting list.

And this week I've read somewhere the article stating that the free education and free place to live are necessary to prevent the condition "poor became poorer, rich become richer" and the resulting crash of the society.

Now let's return to the procreation. In Soviet Union there was enough place to family life and enough time for family life. ("In USSR there is no sex" is a famous phrase I personally heard from TV). In USA (and in modern Russia too) you either have no place or no time for procreation since your student loans eat all your free money and correspondingly all your free time which you spend to earn money.

And the second factor is that in USSR your wealth didn't count, you needed something else for girls' attention. Creativity, for instance. Ability to obtain USA jeans. Or CPSU membership :-)

Comment Re:I'm not normally one to say things like this... (Score 3, Interesting) 245

Have you ever talked to Russian people? I mean those who live there. You might be surprised that there's a really common belief that goes back to the days of the tsar that the guy in charge is benevolent and kind and caring ... Khrushchev's time in power was probably the high water mark of the USSR in terms of achievements and quality of life... homicidal maniac Stalin was the greatest leader they ever had.

1. The monarch is never ideal. But he can survive ONLY with his people. Either it makes him at least slightly benevolent and caring, or he is overthrown and killed. In contrast, the democratically elected President can do everything he wishes and run away immediately after his term.

2. The first thing Khrushchev did was to destroy the private agriculture. And we Russians have LOTS of political jokes about him depicting him as an active idiot.

3. Yes, Stalin was a dictator (I tell it as a grandson of Kulak). But Stalin spent the results of his dictatorship EFFICIENTLY. No other maniac in the world did it.

Comment Re:Smart man (Score 3, Insightful) 245

No. As a Russian I think it's just not a Putin's idea. It looks as an initiative of Parliament that went out of control. We name our Duma "a rabid printer". The govt opposes it but cannot do against the law.

For instance, our law requires to add "The terrorist organization prohibited in Russia" every time ISIS (and a lot of other organizations) is mentioned in media. Also, the photos from the famous Victory Parade (where Hitler's banners with Swastikas were thrown to the basement of Lenin's Mausoleum) are banned because they depict the Swastikas. And also it's a requirement for me to know all the list of prohibited information in order to avoid posting something from this list. We use this list as a recommendation list and wait impatiently for the next issue.

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