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Comment Photos have been republished (Score 4, Informative) 163

It looks like Anonymous has republished the photo and has tweeted that they are a gift to the Egyptian People. You can see the photos here: and Anonymous' tweet on the subject here:!/Anony_Ops/status/46799870304071680

Comment Re:go figure. (Score 4, Interesting) 191

I was the one that Kolakowski robodialed. I am not an "established business associate, customer, or other person having an established relationship with" her, therefore this exception would not apply to her. If you want to try and argue that the same political party would constitute an "established" relationship (which is a total stretch) then in order to be of my same party, Kolakowski would have to be a registered Libertarian like I am. I doubt she is. But here again, if political party affiliation was enough, then couldn't someone who was a Democrat simply robodial all of the Democrats in California with an unsavory auto warranty scam phone call? As I read this law there is no wiggle room at all. She is breaking the law and she should admit it, apologize and pledge not to use robodialers in the state of California in the future. If she'd like to use them then she needs to work to change the laws in the State to allow them, rather then simply ignore a law that she doesn't like or that is inconvenient for her. But even if she can find some wiggle room or some minor technicality to skate by the intent of this law, certainly the ethical thing for a candidate for judge to do would be to abide by the spirit of the law which is to stop these annoying and harassing cals in the State of California.

Submission + - California PUC Judge Violates CA Robodialing Law->

Thomas Hawk writes: Victoria Kolakowski, a current sitting law judge at the California PUC, is running for Alameda Superior Court judge in California. As part of her campaign she is robodialing people in California with a pre-recorded message. The only problem is that in Califorina robodials are actually *illegal* unless first introduced by a non-recorded natural person who gains consent to play the call. Ironically, the very agency set up to protect our privacy and enforce this law, the California PUC, is the very agency where Kolakowski works today. Kolakowski originally apologized for the calls but then later deleted messages on her Facebook account from people objecting to her use of these calls. Now Kolakowski is trying to argue that because "techincally" she is routing her calls through Colorado from outside the state that her robodials are actually legal.
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Submission + - TiVo Patent Victory Over Dish Network Upheld->

Thomas Hawk writes: "An appeals court today shot down Dish Network's last chance to avoid a multi-million lawsuit verdict won by TiVo over their time shifting DVR technology. In addition to having to pay TiVo a minimum of $92 million, Dish Network will also now have to honor a court injunction to turn off DVR software to most of their customers. I hope Dish Network customers like commercials with their daily dose of Dr. Phil."
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The Internet

Submission + - iStock Photo Seller Rips Off Flickr User->

Thomas Hawk writes: "Popular Flickr member _rebekka was upset recently to learn that 25 or so of her photos were being sold online by a user on the popular microstock photography site iStockphoto. iStockphoto, owned by the world's largest stock photography agency Getty Images, requires their users to certify that they own the photos that they sell on the site. But what happens when these rules are flagrantly violated and users begin pilfering Flickr to find new stock photos to sell?"
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Technology (Apple)

Submission + - ATT&T iPhone Activation Hell->

Thomas Hawk writes: "Unfortunately it appears that the activations with Apple's new iPhone have gone FUBAR. After waiting in line 36 hours (number 8 in line) on Thursday and Friday I'm still unable to activate my phone. I'm documenting the AT&T circus call by call on my blog. e-thus-far-is-pain.html I've had my hold calls dropped, been patched into other users unable to activate their phone instead of AT&T customer service reps, been told that my wife must get a new phone and that the family plan can't work for me. I've been told that the problem is that I'm not putting a new chip into my iPhone in the slot on the left side of my phone when no slot there exists. PR Blogger Steve Rubel has also been documenting his problems on his Twitterstream According to an unscientific poll being conducted by Engadget about half of the people who bought iPhones have had activation trouble with about 38% of problems still unresolved. -activation-problems/. We've been documenting the last 36 hours or so of iPhone activation hell live on ZooomrTV."
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