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Comment: Re:So correct me if I'm wrong... (Score 1) 563 563

You're wrong. Blizzard's BNet2 keeps a profile of games you own, similar in a way to Steam's - once you activate your game, via CD key or whatever else, you own it. After that, what media your copy of the game came from (your own CD, your friend's, or download) ceases to matter. Your account is what gets you access to the online game. I imagine that, in order to play only single player, you will simply need an internet connection to confirm the legitimacy of your copy every time you have to reinstall the game. Re-validating once per install isn't a real tax on a gamer's time or emotional stability.

+ - AMD Delivers First Stream Processor @ 500 GFLOPS

Godsmack74 writes: "AMD FireStream 9170 The AMD FireStream 9170 will be the world's first Stream GPU with double-precision floating point technology tailored for scientific and engineering calculations. Competitively priced at an MSRP of $1999 USD, it features up to 500 GFLOPS of compute power, rivalling many of today's supercomputers, and providing dramatic acceleration for critical algorithms. This second generation Stream Processor is built with 55 nm process technology and consumes less than 150 watts of power — delivering an exceptional performance per watt. In addition, the reduced heat dissipation allows it to function in dense design configurations. The FireStream 9170 is a single card solution with 2GB of onboard GDDR3 memory to compute large datasets without CPU traffic. The asynchronous direct memory access (DMA) ensures data can flow freely without interrupting the stream processor or CPU. At $1999 USD it may be one of the most expensive graphics processors on the planet. Although it's not really competitively priced against anything on the "normal" graphics market, for the high end market it fits right in. Of course where else can you pay $1999 and get 500GFLOPS of compute power? With the power of graphics cards rivaling and surpassing that of average processors the migration of the entire industry to graphics architectures and line of thought is not far away. Are we once again seeing AMD's forethought and planning in action? Acquiring ATI may prove to be a genius move in the long run. Pictures and more information can be found at TechwareLabs"

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