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Comment: Because it doesn't do its intended job (Score 5, Insightful) 684

by Thnurg (#43569285) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are There <em>Any</em> Good Reasons For DRM?

DRM is really bad at foiling pirates. It only takes one to break the DRM and share the content around the world to render the DRM ineffective.

However it is really good at inconveniencing legitimate consumers. Some DRM schemes have been so annoying to customers that getting a pirated version makes for a better user experience.

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 1) 522

by Thnurg (#37324600) Attached to: World Population Expected To Hit 7 Billion In Late October

You don't know any countries that import water?
In the UK Evian and Volvic are two popular brands of bottled water that come from France. I've even seen bottled water from Fiji, despite having a plentiful supply of water ourselves.
Check the water shelves next time you're in a supermarket. I bet there are foreign brands there.

Comment: Would Government approve and open mesh? (Score 3, Interesting) 108

by Thnurg (#36703166) Attached to: Why UK FM Needn't Be Killed For Broadband

Please correct me of I'm wrong, but an open mesh network would completely decentralise internet connectivity leaving the Government with no way to implement website blocking and three-strikes laws etc.
While a truly democratic government would support open mesh in the public interest I doubt our lot would approve it.

Comment: Re:His nationality is important why? (Score 1) 363

by Thnurg (#36348168) Attached to: English Teenager Invents a Better Doorbell

While we're at it - why do red antique phone booths represent the UK?

For the same reason that Malt Shops represent the US.

Ignorant foreigners picking up on something that used to be a part of the nation but have long since passed into obscurity.

The whole world knows that here in Scotland EVERYONE plays the bagpipes.

Open Source

Linux 2.6.37 Released 135

Posted by samzenpus
from the new-and-improved dept.
diegocg writes "Version 2.6.37 of the Linux kernel has been released. This version includes SMP scalability improvements for Ext4 and XFS, the removal of the Big Kernel Lock, support for per-cgroup IO throttling, a networking block device based on top of the Ceph clustered filesystem, several Btrfs improvements, more efficient static probes, perf support to probe modules, LZO compression in the hibernation image, PPP over IPv4 support, several networking microoptimizations and many other small changes, improvements and new drivers for devices like the Brocade BNA 10GB ethernet, Topcliff PCH gigabit, Atheros CARL9170, Atheros AR6003 and RealTek RTL8712U. The fanotify API has also been enabled. See the full changelog for more details."

Comment: Conflict of interest (Score 1) 225

by Thnurg (#33731900) Attached to: UK's Two Biggest ISPs Rip Up Net Neutrality

There is clearly a conflict of interest here. Two groups of people are paying these companies.

Their customers are paying for net access and don't want someone else getting more bandwidth than they are because of their choice of websites / software.

But then others come along and say we'll pay you to prioritise our traffic.

These ISPs should decide who their customers are.

Comment: Re:Sad Clown:( (Score 2, Interesting) 457

by Thnurg (#33289704) Attached to: Employees Would Steal Data When Leaving a Job

Sure stealing is wrong, but copying data is not stealing. If I take code written in house for in-house use from one employer to another how has the old one lost anything if the new one starts using it in house?

My own fall back is that some useful software that I have written for my current employer is now GPLed because I asked them if it could be. If I ever lose this job I'll be hawking my skills in setting up that software from one end of the country to the other.

If this is timesharing, give me my share right now.