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Comment: Re:The business generalization is too crude (Score 1) 173

by ThistleForce (#27944883) Attached to: Schneier Says We Don't Need a Cybersecurity Czar
That's a great point, but consider that this is our United States government. Once the government takes a "stronger hand" in something, it draws more attention without necessarily improving the situation, and is never improved permanently. The saying "good enough for government work" is a surprisingly pointed commentary on government systems of doing...well, anything; which is a dangerous approach to internet security.

Comment: Misleading Article Title (Score 5, Insightful) 369

by ThistleForce (#27944619) Attached to: Scientists Create RNA From Primordial Soup
Anyone that only scans the synopsis is going to get the wrong idea. Read the's more than likely that this never occurred in nature. Since when do organisms add material and cleanse and add and cleanse? Who threw the sugar in the first primordial soup? Where would RNA get it's instructions? There are too many holes... this isn't a breakthrough in science, It's an episode of "The Frugal Gourmet"

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