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Comment Re:Deconstructing diversity in tech (Score 1) 684

Yes. If things unfold in the natural order of things that would be a real miracle! That miracle is called life. Everything is as it is supposed to be. Sara Sharp is supposed to push back the way she is, and we are supposed to realize she is an immature person not ready for the pressures and realities of the LKML. We are supposed to recognize that she is tilting at windmills, and trying to get something to go her way because she is a child. I realize that. You don't quite seem to yet, but I certainly hope you will grow until you do. Have a nice day!

Comment Re:same as guns (Score 1) 175

"Yes that is correct you don't need to own an encryption program to write documents, but you do need encryption to use the Internet. "

Who the fuck told you that? The internet pre-dates SSL by quite some time. I am not even going to address what you wrote, since it is merely a re-hashing of your cluelessness. Since you clearly can't understand what I'm writing, have no idea what you are talking about, and refuse to learn anything it's time for this sound: Plonk

Comment Re:Loaded title. (Score 2) 160

Exactly. I keep a Win 8.1 image around to see what the scumbags are up to, and after having uninstalled and hidden their updates related to Win 10 they actually unhid them and had those "optional" updates checked so that if I didn't do the research they would be re-installed again. All this says is that 100 Million or so people have no idea what they are getting into with this garbage, and / or clicked on the icon to make it finally go away for good. This is tantamount to me running around and throwing garbage in all the neighbors yard, and throwing it back when they remove it until they finally give up, and then claiming: "Hey look! All my neighbors chose to have garbage in their yard! There needs to be an investigation into this, which equates to yet more unethical if not illegal behavior on the part of Microsoft.

Comment Re:Is he saying keeping tracks of inventory (Score 1) 84

"... So you mean its like every other farm commodity on the planet?"

No, I don't mean that at all, and that fact that you make that assertion shows just how littler you understand about marijuana and the grow industry. I didn't bother to read the rest of your drivel, as you are a known troll. Off you go now little troll, and oh yeah, I almost forgot. In case you are a Sharp-Garrett dweab ... Have a Nice Day!

Comment Re:same as guns (Score 1) 175

"No it is not the same thing, you just haven't thought it through before posting."

Let me begin by saying that you have shown yourself to be a complete idiot, and parroting my words isn't helping your case any. You see, I thought it through. I just understand computers much better than you do apparently. A gun is a barrel, plus a firing pin, etc. An encryption device is, for example, a general purpose computer + software that performs encryption. Barrels aren't banned. Firing pins aren't banned. Metal isn't banned. The banning is of the complete system. Computers aren't going to be banned. Software isn't going to be banned. The complete system will be banned (as there is no other way to do it.) See? No difference.

"Guns are designed for only one thing to kill people, they are not useful for anything else."

You are apparently thinking of the song "Saturday Night Special" by Lynard Skynard, and apparently you didn't get the memo that even they subsequently released "Give Us Back Our Guns." I have really bad news for you, but guns have many other purposes than killing people. Or did you think that all the police walking around you are planning on killing someone?

" Now you might argue that you can use computers for writing documents. Yes but then you don't need to own an encryption program!."

See how that works? For anything you write about guns, I can substitute the encryption machine analog.

"At most you should only be allowed to own a shotgun with a maximum magazine of 3 shots and a single shot rifle and with very strict rules about ownership."

Now you've transitioned into some gun control moron making an argument that is about gun control, when the topic is encryption. Nice attempt to hijack the thread though! Have a nice day ...

Comment Re:same as guns (Score 1) 175

"No it's not the same as guns. Guns are physical objects"

Read my .sig

'nuff said?

In case not, allow me to elaborate. Encryption is performed with some kind of physical object. They won't outlaw the concept, since that is impossible. They will outlaw the tools. You see, it is the same thing as guns. You just haven't thought it through before posting.

Comment Re:Is he saying keeping tracks of inventory (Score 1) 84

"Oh my hit a nerve did I?"

You hit a completely different nerve than you seem to think, but that is par for your course of cluelessness. The particular nerve you hit is the one I have for morons that think they are smart. I don't mind a dumb guy who knows he isn't very smart, but idiots like you who think they are smart but are actually morons ruin both Slashdot and society in general. Have a nice day!

Comment Re:Is he saying keeping tracks of inventory (Score 2) 84

Yes, weed is fundamentally different from other inventories. The market value varies widely based on myriad factors, some within control of the "manufacturer" and some completely outside their control, and they vary from yield to yield at different frequencies and periods. A given strains market value fluctuates, and so too does a given crop based, again, on myriad factors. Indeed, there is no product that has the same characteristics and is subject to the same market dynamics as marijuana. You would do well to remain silent on subject matters with which you clearly have no familiarity, rather than criticizing people whom you falsely assume are not smarter than you. I can assure you there are many, many pot smokers who are much smarter than you are. Again, you would do well not to underestimate a person based upon your prejudices based upon propaganda and falsehoods.

Comment Re:Not a hard and fast rule... (Score 1) 281

I was actually going for "Funny" on that one, and clearly failed miserably :-) Perhaps it is possible to do Agile and produce a good product with the right people, but I would counter that those same right people would have been successful with a decent development model too. Agile, in my experience, produces lousy software by default, because it allows it and IMNSHO encourages it. There is no substitute for what you already identified your team as having out of the gate, to wit a clear understanding of the software architecture (what you called a code base) and a clear idea of what you needed to produce. In other words, there is no way to take a group of programmers and crowd source an engineering effort, which is essentially what Agile claims to enable / accomplish.

Comment Re:Deconstructing diversity in tech (Score 1) 684

"We don't have people studying dress design and hair dressing in elementary school anyway. "

No shit sherlock. Nor do we have valid computer science classes there, though you hear the "need" for them discussed, and this is an extension of that which asks "should we have extra special ones that focus on girlz power!!!????". You completely missed my point, based on your erroneous assumption that the disproportionate male to female ratio in tech is due to bullying, or as you put it "social inhibition." We have neither for a reason, and it is the same reason. Women are different from heterosexual men on a very fundamental level. That difference is not a deterrent to growth and progress, but rather a fundamental component thereof, and that difference should be embraced, not dispelled. Only an idiot would try to reject the natural order of the universe, while simultaneously claiming a higher moral ground in the doing of the unnatural act.

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