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Comment: Universal Pictures / Lovefilm dispute (Score 3, Insightful) 259

by TheophileEscargot (#36684268) Attached to: Illegal Film Downloading Up 33% In the UK
I wonder if the Universal Pictures / Lovefilm dispute has had an impact. Since November 2009 Universal Pictures have refused to make their movies available to most online DVD-rental services. So you want to see one of their movies you have to pirate it, buy it, or switch to Blockbuster.

+ - Twitter Tainting Exploit Discovered-> 3

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beaverdownunder writes: "In a surprising turn of events that may hasten the release of New Twitter, user @RainbowTwtr has discovered that code can be executed from inside tweets.

For example, tweeting:"style="background-color:white;color:white;"onmouseover="location.href='http:'+'//'"/

will cause any user who moves their mouse over this 'blank' tweet to go to the website specified. Obviously, this is a shocking revelation, since tainting has been an issue pretty much throughout computing history. @mjectest shows a number of exploits that could be even more nefarious..."

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