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Comment Ubuntu was great on the desktop (Score 3, Insightful) 162

Since Ubuntu was/is a very easy to use desktop environment, it has become familiar to a lot of people. Those people ended up developing cloud services and stuck to what they are familiar with, Ubuntu. It's that simple.

I know if I were to setup a Linux server, Ubuntu or Mint would be my first choices. Not because they are best suited for a server environment. Because I am familiar with them on the desktop.

Comment Re:Yes, you've increased the precision (Score 1) 89

This is why if I build a custom house, I am hiring an architect/engineer and a professional construction manager that is not associated with the contractor to make sure it is built to spec. A well designed and built house can do amazing things. Unfortunately, most people are only willing to pay for appearance and ignore performance.

Comment Re:Poor comparison (Score 1) 345

The Boeing 747 has its instantly recognised "hump" precisely because Boeing thought at the time of its design that it wouldn't have a long sales life as a passenger aircraft, as the future was "obviously" supersonic for passenger transport. Therefore, the design was optimised for roll-on roll-off cargo transport through the nose section, which made it a very good cargo aircraft and thus increased its forecasted sales life.

I understand the area rule had something to do with it too.

Comment Re:There are Ads and then there are Fucking Ads. (Score 1) 519

Why is AT&T showing me ads when I use AT&T's web mail when I pay then $50 a month?

Or is why Amazon, NewEgg, etc. showing me ads when I'm about to pay them money. I see ads for their competitors while shopping on their website. Have they forgotten they are the one place on the internet where people are willing to pay for their services?

Comment Re:It'd be hilareous if not so sad... (Score 1) 338

Hydro? Are you insane? In 1975, an 18GB hydro-electric dam system in China failed, killing at least 170,000 people. And 11 million made homeless.

There are no safe energy sources. It's not about where the energy comes from. Energy itself is dangerous.

Ever see a wind turbine failure?

Comment It's called a conglomerate (Score 5, Insightful) 235

Google has been slowly changing from a dotcom tech company to a multinational conglomerate for a few years now. This is just them acknowledging that fact and structuring the company accordingly. This is similar to how United Aircraft became United Technologies in the 70s.

Comment Re:Full Price Smartphones (Score 2) 155

By the time you do the monthly payment plan via Verizon you're going to end up paying what you likely pay for the 2 year contract. I doubt there is going to be a substantial cost difference. Verizon already had/has plans of this nature.

I also notice they don't charge interest on those monthly payment plans. There's still some subsidizing going on...

Comment Still Subsidized? (Score 1) 155

Verizon has been walking away from the subsidized phone model. You've been able to ask for a non-subsidized rate for a while now. The prices are even listed on their website. However, there is still a catch! The monthly installments for a new phone are at 0% interest. That means they are using your monthly service fees to pay the interest on the loan. Paying for the phone in full would be turning down a discount in terms of finance charges. I wonder if this will change when the new plan comes into effect.

Comment Re:Solves part of the mystery. (Score 3, Informative) 272

You do understand that ocean currents are not straight lines, right? For chrissake it's taken years for the Tohoku tsunami's wreckage to make it the Pacific Northwest.

My favorite example is the shipping container full of rubber ducks that an oceanographer tracked for 15 years! We may be finding pieces for decades.

Submission + - Epson to Release Continuous Ink Printer->

Thelasko writes: Inkjet ink can be extremely expensive. This has caused some consumers to refill their own cartridges, or even modify their printers to support cheap aftermarket ink. Epson has revealed that they will be releasing their "EcoTank" line of printers in the US this September that will support continuous ink from the factory. Of course, they will be significantly more expensive than their cartridge based models.
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