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Submission + - Epson to Release Continuous Ink Printer (

Thelasko writes: Inkjet ink can be extremely expensive. This has caused some consumers to refill their own cartridges, or even modify their printers to support cheap aftermarket ink. Epson has revealed that they will be releasing their "EcoTank" line of printers in the US this September that will support continuous ink from the factory. Of course, they will be significantly more expensive than their cartridge based models.

Submission + - How Celebrity Photos Get Out (

Thelasko writes: The internet has been buzzing with news that celebrities' smart phones have been hacked, and pictures, including nude photos of Scarlett Johansson, have been circulating the internet. Liam Allen, of BBC News, suggests that it wasn't smart phones that were hacked, but web mail.

Submission + - Do the Type of Calories Matter? (

Thelasko writes: To test his hypothesis that consuming fewer calories than burned, regardless of type, will cause wight loss, Kansas State University Nutrition Professor, Mark Haub, has subsisted on little more than junk food for the past 10 weeks. However, he carefully measures out his caloric intake to 1,800 food calories (7536 kJ) per day. So far, he has lost 27 pounds (12.25kg).

Submission + - SPAM: Studies Reveal Why Kids Get Bullied and Rejected | 2

Thelasko writes: I'm sure everyone on Slashdot has been the victim of bullying at some point in their life. A new study suggests why.
" researchers have found at least three factors in a child's behavior that can lead to social rejection.

The factors involve a child's inability to pick up on and respond to nonverbal cues from their pals."

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Submission + - SPAM: Supreme Court Removes Limits on Corporate, Labor D

Thelasko writes: The United States Supreme Court has ruled that corporations and labor unions can donate as much money as they wish to political campaigns. Prior to this ruling, federal campaign finance laws put limits on how much money a corporation or union could donate. The Supreme Court ruled that campaign donations are protected under the 1st amendment as a form of free speech.
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Social Networks

Submission + - SPAM: Purdue University Utilizes Collaborative Classroom

Thelasko writes:

Hotseat, a social networking-powered mobile Web application, creates a collaborative classroom, allowing students to provide near real-time feedback during class and enabling professors to adjust the course content and improve the learning experience. Students can post messages to Hotseat using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, sending text messages, or logging in to the Hotseat Web site.

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