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Submission + - Google claims open-source Android code is secret (

Theaetetus writes: "In what is claimed by patent pundit Florian Muller to be a procedural tactic, Google has asked the International Trade Commission to block testimony of a Microsoft expert in the ongoing Motorola-Microsoft patent dispute, on the grounds that code of the popular open source operating system is confidential."

The Future of Microsoft Gaming 29

Ars Technica has an interview up with Matt Lee, a software developer in Microsoft's Xbox division. He's got a lot to say on the subject of the future of MGS gaming. He touches briefly on Xbox Live, Games for Windows, and the powerhouse that is the 360. From the article: "The tessellator in the Xbox 360 GPU is indeed a very powerful piece of hardware, and you're right--most games have yet to take advantage of this. I think you'll see more titles use it in the future. As for procedurally generated worlds, I believe the biggest obstacle to overcome is how to design and build the content for such a system--it can be quite a departure from today's art pipelines. Game studios will figure it out though--it's crucial to generating and delivering ever larger worlds without having to exponentially grow the size of the art team."

Be careful when a loop exits to the same place from side and bottom.