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Comment Re:The science is not settled (Score 1) 511

You'd think, wouldn't you?

You have NO idea.

(the first few are mostly sane because they contain the debunking to it, la-la-land starts somewhere around the 5th video, reaching "outright batshit insane" at the 10th video mark).

So in case you wonder "who the fuck votes those idiots into power", realize this: These people can and do vote.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 613

How it is abuse can be easily seen by the whining that soars up today.

You know how the majority of people using the internet today have ZERO clue concerning computers, right? And if it wasn't for them installing adblockers now, none of the advertising businesses would be butthurt, because everyone else is but a tiny bit of static in the buzz of the web. You, me, pretty much anyone using this page here, we don't count in the grand scheme of things for companies on the internet. What they're after is our Joe here. Now, let's take a look at the computer of Mr. Joe Average Surfer.

Mr. Joe Average sits there with enough browser-bars to fill his screen to 2/3.

But he doesn't do jack to get rid of them.

He also dutifully clicks away 20+ windows when his PC starts due to all the crap he installed with various "free" programs he wanted.

But he doesn't do jack to get rid of them.

He even has more trojans, keyloggers and privacy-stealing malware installed than the average antivirus researcher.

But he doesn't do jack to get rid of them.

Can you even begin to fathom just HOW MUCH ads had to abuse Mr. Randomsurfer that he went out of his way to install adblockers?

Comment Re:Cores Schmores (Score 1) 136

They didn't, the fastest P4 Xeon outperformed the fastest Athlons, but for any given Athlon the equivalent speed P4 was a lot more expensive. Once the Opterons came out, that changed: if you wanted the fastest x86 chip you could buy, you bought from AMD, especially in multi-socket configurations (quad-processor Opterons wiped the floor with memory-starved quad Xeons until Intel integrated the memory controller on die). Worse (for Intel), if you were willing to recompile your code you could get another 20+% out of the Opterons using the x86-64 ISA (more GPRs and cheaper PIC made a big difference, and a floating point ABI that used SSE exclusively and not x87 could give you a 100% speedup in float-heavy code, where even if the x86-32 compiler was using SSE registers for compute it was still losing performance moving them to and from the x87 register stack for function calls / returns).

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