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Comment forward looking.... (Score 1) 246

I'm not sure if the Powershell team could ever be considered 'forward looking' if all they ever manage to do is port more parts of *nix into Windows - I mean, thats all Microsoft does. "How can we make Windows 3.1 more like *nix?". At the same time they appear to pull in both directions "easier to use, touch interfaces, tiles-the-size-of-your-face" all the way over to "Windows version without GUI, poorly documented proprietary CLI with invisible dependencies".

I think if the Powershell team were forward looking in the slightest, they would have implemented SSH has the base of powershell, and created powershell commands into that environment, rather than deploying Powershell as it is, which is a bastardization of bash that duplicates the functionality of Open SSH with a stack of proprietary WMI instrument abstractions. In fact, I'd go a step further, Microsoft. Either fire the Powershell team, or ditch the Open SSH effort, because the two environments are not necessary, and I can only predict that it will expose more attack surface rather than providing a useful management interface.

Comment web page compatibility (Score 1) 1832

A while back Slashdot decided to redesign its web page resulting in the website being broken. I mentioned to CMDR Taco a number of times of browsing the site in anything but Internet Explorer being broken, which was always ironic in my mind, being that /. is famously so anti MS. I called the redesign /. - Digg edition, but I think /. called it 'version 2.0'

Anyway, enough changes were reversed from the roll-out of 2.0 or whatever, except for the mobile component. Usually, you CAN make the /. work on a mobile device still, but you first have to put up with it long enough to find the 'view desktop site' button. I'm unsure why /. serves the broken mobile version at all - it doesn't work properly - particularly on mobiles.

Also, I kind of wish /. was able to divorce Sourceforge - that place will never recover its reputation.

Comment There are so many things wrong with this line (Score 1) 532

of thinking... For example, while there might be a license plate on vehicles, there is also a requirement for the driver to be licensed which creates the artificial structure that requires civilians to display a license plate on their vehicle as part of the complicated web of requirements the license contract includes.

But then, when you look at even something like the Australian constitution, Australians are guaranteed a right of travel, which may in itself override the requirements spelled out in the licensing documents

And all of this ignores the IP address that travel around with each computer that allows identification of the computer just like a license plate identifies a vehicle (but not necessarily the driver).

Maybe Homeland officials should be ordered never to converse with the press regarding any matter of technology on the grounds they lack the necessary technical background. Its like asking a nutritionist or a homeless person about running a reactor.

Comment Re:Yeah yeah (Score 2) 562

I don't think its so much about that. I think this is about pride. He expected to be able to exercise more control over the final product and call it one of his own.

I think George Lucas did some things well, like remastering 4-6. At the time it was divisive, but in the long run, I don't think they look significantly different to the newer films.

But then he also aborted ep 1-3 and created something entirely snooze worthy and at the time, the rest of the world was in his shoes right now.

Depending what Disney end up doing with the next few installments will determine whether their take is better, and despite a few slightly cheesy moments (which Star Wars is well known for, particularly after solidifying this with Jar Jar), I found the film entirely immersive. Will it hold up next to the next few films? I suspect it will be considered a prelude, which to be fair, it felt a bit like. It may have cashed in a little bit on nostalgia, but its a far better tie in that crappy young ObiWan or a bunch of the other characters GL was able to mash into 1-3 to make them slightly watchable while simultaneously making the characters far less interesting.

Comment Re:Mail Consolidation IMAP (Score 1) 177

It should be noted that while virtually ALL E-mail clients are compatible with IMAP, Microsoft Outlook 2010+ doesn't play very well with it at all. You will typically find that, even after making all of the recommended account changes, patching it up to the nines, mail access is always gammy and delayed when talking to the IMAP connector.

So, if your considering IMAP, perhaps considering dumping Outlook.... or just using Outlook for your calendaring and run the rest of your email out of Thunderbird.

Alternatively, use online services like gmail. That way you get the best of both worlds and don't have to bother backing up your mail server.

Submission + - China's Tinder clone sends all dating and location data unencrypted (

The_Revelation writes: From the linked article, "Chinese Tinder clone Tantan is endangering young women and men by failing to use encryption and exposing private data like that made public in the Ashley Madison hack....On the surface, the iPhone app seems to be smoother and more refined then the app it copies. However, as we’ll soon find out, looks can be deceiving."

Comment Hahahaha! Good luck Uber! (Score 1) 45

Here maps is the app that bundles with the Windows phone I believe. This single application is the main reason I score Nokia's Lumia series -1 out of a possible 0 to 5 score, where a score of 0 indicates the product is so defective that owners should request a refund from the manufacturer.

The phone doesn't do a single thing well, but at least most functionality doesn't involve you reentering the destination while driving every time the screen sleeps. It does other things, like recalculating your route because you just passed under a bridge, meaning your are obviously now driving on the bridge and a number of other equally as amusing quirks.

There are Samsungs, there are Apples, there are Blackberries and $30 asian smart phones, they all do a better job of mapping compared to Here Maps. I really like Uber's service, but I don't expect it to improve with the involvement of a new, extremely defective mapping system, and I don't think users of the service will be very happy if they have to start interacting with this application.

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