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Comment Re:Celsius: It's for telling temperature (Score 1) 1233 1233

You can't tell the difference between 1*C, but I can. Humidity means nothing, BTW, it's all about dew point. No one uses decimal points and rounds, C is FAR too inaccurate in the winter. I use F with points. That's what, like 4 times as accurate as nubs using C with no points? There's a HUGE difference between 0 and 1 C when you're talking about frozen precipitation (and to a lesser extent atmospheric temps at altitude). I might be anal about this since I'm a weather enthusiast, but C is useless without including fractions. But then everyone would whine and bitch b/c then the math isn't as easy. I'd have no problem with it was more accurate, but it's not satisfactory as is.

Comment Re:Not really counterfeit (Score 1) 197 197

WEll, sir, I have an AWESOME tid bit for you. IOS Hunter - DOWNLOAD IT NOW. IT can search the internet to find most any IOS. I have an entire DVD of IOSes that I got off usenet. I'm with you, fuck cisco. There's always a way around something. You just have to know where to look :)

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