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Comment: Re:One pixel wide window borders (Score 1) 193

by The_Dougster (#49011393) Attached to: Xfce Getting a New Version Soon

... I can't comprehend how on earth you would claim any OS to be "resource intensive." There's no such thing in 2015. Every OS works fine with decent hardware ...

Windows 7 may start off fast, but as its registry bloats up strange things start to happen, like long delays for folders and icons to populate, more and more system jobs running at random times, and a general slow increase of sluggishness over time. Linux's two heavyweights can suffer from configuration bit rot as well, but you don't need to re-install the OS to cure it there.

In my experience with xfce4, it remains very deterministic and static in operation; i.e. everything is mostly instant all the time :D

Comment: Re:I don't think this [release] matters at all... (Score 1) 193

by The_Dougster (#49011293) Attached to: Xfce Getting a New Version Soon

I use xfce on my main home system. It compiles quickly, runs fast, is easy to use, has lots of configurability, and with a little tweaking and some themes can even look pretty nice. It is also very low maintenence. This can even have thumbnail previews of folders and plenty of other convenient features if you load some of its plugins. A great combination of usability, aesthetics, and frugality.

Comment: Re:Wow (Score 1) 463

In the end, the developer gets paid exactly once for each player playing - so its not really a money grab, but which players pay for whose subscription exactly is a bit muddied by the economics of the tokens.

That isn't exactly true because EvE players usually have multiple accounts with various alts. At any given time a player might only have some of their alts active. When the market gets flooded with PLEX from other players rebuilding Titans, the free2play guys cash in and act like a sink for all the PLEX. Also you can train secondary characters simultaneously now if you spend a PLEX to activate that feature for a month.

So the amount of PLEX consumed in a month can indeed be more than the amount of subscribers, not to mention hoarders and ones that get destroyed.

Comment: Casio fx-115ES Plus (Score 2) 328

by The_Dougster (#45446253) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Cheap Second Calculators For Tests?

I like calculators and picked one of these up for a spare. For a non-graphing, non-programmable, scientific calculator, it is pretty good. Input and output display are independent so you can use natural input and have decimal output. It is easy to use overall. Mine has no persistent state so if it times out and turns off it comes back cleared. These are neat calculators and very inexpensive.

Comment: E-Cigs are great! Much better than smoking. (Score 1) 314

Aside from the fact that you never run out as long as you have a big bottle of juice and a couple charged batteries, you aren't inhaling thousands of carcinogenic combustion products with every puff.

The constituents of the juice are glycerine, propylene glycol (not the same as antifreeze), nicotine, and flavoring. The only unknowns really come from the flavoring but you can readily read their ingredients. E-cig flavorings are typically non-oil-based food grade flavors.

If you smoke, I encourage you to try this. Just get a disposable if you want to see what its like without investing a lot. Also, if you do decide to get a real setup, don't get one that looks like a cigarette, they are obsolete, get a bigger model with a larger or replaceable battery.

Comment: Multi Emulator Super System ZX 80 (Score 1) 196

by The_Dougster (#38836657) Attached to: For Sinclair Fans, The ZX81 Lives On

Old ZX 80 hardware is expensive and rare from what I have seen. You can use the MESS Sinclair ZX 80 target to relive those 8-bit days of yore without the fear of electrical or mechanical breakdowns associated with running on the actual hardware. A lot of early microcomputer equipment often had power supply or other problems which means that even if you can get your hands on the real hardware now, and it works, it may not run for long before things start breaking. I do not have any old ZX 80's and don't have a ROM so I'm not sure of the exact legality were I to acquire one from say Mega Upload or such, but I almost suspect that they might be drifting close to the abandonware status in some areas at least.

There are quite a lot of neat old systems that MESS can emulate. I've been trying to get NitrOS-9 working with a Motorola 6309 myself.


+ - No one expects the Apple inquisition->

Submitted by
dell623 writes "Apple's recent lawsuits against Samsung and HTC are based on patents that are considered trivial and obvious by most people with a working knowledge of software. Apple are not the only company using such patents, but they are doing it blatantly, publicly and dishonestly, and sadly, unlike common patent trolls, they have a unique history of innovation. Such lawsuits can have far reaching consequences. If such patent wars had happened in the last 30-40 years personal computing devices and the internet wouldn't exist as they do today, and similarly, these patent wars threaten to bring about a technological dark age of stagnation or decline, smothering a technological revolution that is still young. We have had an incredible, transformational period of around four decades where powerful computers started off powering expensive military systems and ended up as minuscule devices in our hands that can talk to each other across the world, and we have only begun to explain the possibilities this brings us. These patent wars threaten to brutally strangle a still young revolution that has possibilities we can only begin to imagine."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Imaginary Mass! (Score 1) 412

by The_Dougster (#37520012) Attached to: Faster-Than-Light Particle Results To Be Re-Tested

Wow that's quite a concept. To me that idea smacks of some unknown type of energy which has the potential of being converted into regular mass. However, it would seem to me complex mass would be impossible because as the particle's mass oscillated between the real and complex states its speed would likewise be respectively slower and then faster than c. Heh, imagine the shock waves from something breaking the light barrier a couple billion times per second, and the energy dumped into entropy. I don't think a particle with complex mass would make it very far. More like a one way ride...

Pure imaginary mass (the tachyon) is pretty neat to think about though. What kind of state could mass be in its "potential" form? The old E=mc^2 certainly implies that you can convert energy into mass, but I'm not aware of anybody who has created mass out of pure energy yet.

Comment: Re:Has Everyone Already Forgotten About the Netwin (Score 1) 332

by The_Dougster (#37506620) Attached to: Is ARM Ever Coming To the Desktop?

I still have a Netwinder. I spent quite a bit of effort porting the system to Gentoo ARM softfloat, although at the end of the day, it really hasn't aged well. The 275MHz ARMv4l seems a bit pokey now but it can run a bare-bones xorg system with a lightweight window manager. Prior to my porting effort, you had to use hard-float glibc which would trigger an interrupt and the kernel fpu emulator would handle the call. I submitted some patches upstream vs gcc but I have no idea if anybody ever did anything with them, for all I know I have the only softfloat-linux Netwinder in existence.

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