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Comment Re:I'm a Member of That 1% (Score 3, Informative) 192

I recently got it working on Gentoo with the usual fiddling around. A portage overlay makes this pretty painless and there is a decent guide. It's just a matter of building appropriate compatibility libs somewhat akin to supporting 32-bit binaries on a 64-bit system. I was impressed enough that I did a little re-partitioning to allocate a couple hundred gig sandbox for Steam to live in. Some of those games are big!

What's cool is that, for me, linux steam came with the batteries included. I have a fair smattering of games for it that I've already accumulated just as a side-affect of their being cross platform titles.

Comment Ten Times More Expensive? (Score 2) 106

That process, as described, sounds incredibly expensive. I suppose though, if you get the strength of titanium, this might be more economical than using the real thing for large parts. I'm sure that dealing with the waste stream is a major issue, not to mention the energy consumption.

Comment Re:One pixel wide window borders (Score 1) 193

... I can't comprehend how on earth you would claim any OS to be "resource intensive." There's no such thing in 2015. Every OS works fine with decent hardware ...

Windows 7 may start off fast, but as its registry bloats up strange things start to happen, like long delays for folders and icons to populate, more and more system jobs running at random times, and a general slow increase of sluggishness over time. Linux's two heavyweights can suffer from configuration bit rot as well, but you don't need to re-install the OS to cure it there.

In my experience with xfce4, it remains very deterministic and static in operation; i.e. everything is mostly instant all the time :D

Comment Re:I don't think this [release] matters at all... (Score 1) 193

I use xfce on my main home system. It compiles quickly, runs fast, is easy to use, has lots of configurability, and with a little tweaking and some themes can even look pretty nice. It is also very low maintenence. This can even have thumbnail previews of folders and plenty of other convenient features if you load some of its plugins. A great combination of usability, aesthetics, and frugality.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 463

In the end, the developer gets paid exactly once for each player playing - so its not really a money grab, but which players pay for whose subscription exactly is a bit muddied by the economics of the tokens.

That isn't exactly true because EvE players usually have multiple accounts with various alts. At any given time a player might only have some of their alts active. When the market gets flooded with PLEX from other players rebuilding Titans, the free2play guys cash in and act like a sink for all the PLEX. Also you can train secondary characters simultaneously now if you spend a PLEX to activate that feature for a month.

So the amount of PLEX consumed in a month can indeed be more than the amount of subscribers, not to mention hoarders and ones that get destroyed.

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