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Comment Re:I don't get it.. (Score 1) 446

Screen name is one thing, payment option is something completely different especially if you are using your own credit card.

Even when using PayPal, there would be a means to trace that back to the original person even if you used a PayPal Wax account (using a CC through PayPal without actually having a PayPal account).

Only the smart ones would use a prepaid visa card or something of the likes.

Comment Should have seen something like this coming (Score 1) 95

David Marcus left PayPal last year to go work with Facebook in the mobile messaging division of Facebook. Honestly looking at the screen shots it almost looks like the PayPal app.

David Marcus letting the cat out of the bag

Grab some popcorn and cross your fingers. Would be nothing more enjoyable in seeing Facebook vs. PayPal in a drag out legal fight including similarities in look and feel of the app, patents, and most specifically non-compete agreement that Marcus should be bound too.

Comment Re:3720:1 (Score 1) 117

This has great meaning here. Lets be truthful. He survived and that is what counts. Reading the posts here I can truly see there is a sigh of relief from many people that he did live in the humor present. I can only imagine the sorrow and grief that we as other would have felts if he would have perished and none of this would have been funny.

"Han crashed first!"

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 703

you'll never see a republican suggest free school (unless its a 'jesus is god' school, of course).

Tennessee Governor Urges 2 Free Years of Community College and Technical School

Looks to me like Obama stole a Republican's idea.

this is one of the first good ideas obama has shown, and one that is much more linked with the democratic party.

If it was his, I would agree, but alas, looks like even 6 years in, he has not had one single good idea.

Comment Re:Zero details (Score 1) 197

What I would love to know is: Why does eBay need 4000 VMs ?

Taking the scope of eBay, PayPal, or any of the other company under eBay and then adding up the total number of developers and quality assurance it should be very apparent why a system is required in which a VM can be created and deleted for testing and development purposes in a very short amount of time.

Time is money

Submission + - Paul Allen's Lawsuit Patents to Be Reexamined->

eldavojohn writes: Last year Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen filed suit against eleven tech companies citing patent infringement on four of his patents. Groklaw has followed up with some interesting documents that reveal three out of the four have already been granted a reexamination by the USPTO with the fourth still pending.
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Comment Re:For those with less sense and less money (Score 2) 242

This can^H^H^H will destroy a microwave ... not that I know or anything ... it was "my friends" microwave. Besides that nuking them releases a small bit of toxic gas and it is not 100% effective to erase all the data.

Just get a DVD Shredder .. save your microwave, save yourself .. and most importantly you^H^H^H "your friend" will have a microwave to nuke those pizza roles at 11 pm at night.


Submission + - Users Enraged By Apparent iTunes Hacks->

Trailrunner7 writes: News of Apple Corp.'s high-profile product releases, the health travails of its CEO, Steve Jobs and the company's hard fought rise to become the most valuable tech firm in the world have dominated news headlines for the past year. But behind the scenes, a growing population of customers are stepping up to say that they've been victims of what appears to be widespread fraud aimed at users of Apple's ubiquitous iTunes platform, and to complain that the the Cupertino, California company renowned for its user friendly products has been close lipped — if not hostile to their complaints.
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